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2022 Bathroom Trends you need to know

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

These days it seems that when designing a bathroom anything goes really. From wallpaper to mix and match tiling, to colourful taps, you are only restricted by your imagination when planning around this high traffic area. Looking at what is hot for 2022, the following trends seem to be clear winners.

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  • Unicorn walls

  • Bright coloured bathrooms

  • Walk in showers

  • Rain Shower Heads

  • Wallpaper in the bathroom

  • Plants in the bathroom

1/ Unicorn walls

Yes, you heard right. Unicorn walls are a thing and definitely one that can outlive a phase in your teenager kid's life. Bringing a smile to your face, these playful and whimsical tiles are iridescent creating a striking statement with pastel tones and a soft matt finish to give a softer, muted feel. Find them here: Unicorn Ceramic Tiles by Ca Pietra.

How much will these cost me?

Currently at £69/m2 you can use these to tile just inside a shower (around £300). For a normal size wall (3m long by up to 2.5m high) you are looking at a cost of around £500. If you are working around a tight budget but still want these tiles in your life, you can consider tiling lower (e.g. 1.5m from the floor only if you have a bathtub without a shower) or just tiling behind a basin in an otherwise white painted bathroom.

2/ Bright coloured bathrooms

And if unicorn walls are not exactly your thing but you still love a bit (or a lot) of colour in your sanctuary, then why not experiment with these bolder options. We said it earlier - bathrooms are high traffic areas and if you spend a lot of time in here, then why not decorate like the rest of your home? If coloured tiles are not at all your cup of tea, head to this article that covers Black and White bathrooms.

Below: Wall panelling and wallpaper add character to this Crofters Cottage set in the stunning South Hams on an outcrop near St Anchorites Stone. Designed by Siobhan Hayles Interiors.

Below: Inspired by the pink hues of early evening, this chalky dusky pink from BERT & MAY is warm without being too bright. Create your own constellation by mixing these plains with the Luna Rose tiles and place your stars where you want them.

3/ Walk in showers

There is always additional costs to consider when installing a walk-in shower, especially one where there is no tray (as shown in the photo below). However, there are smart ways to avoid the extra costs of 'tanking' and depending on the size of your bathroom you could consider including a 'step up' to give you added assurance that water will never escape to the rest of the room!

Be sensible when it comes to keeping in line with agreed budgets by re-using existing pipework and not moving things around too much. Read this for more ways on cutting the cost of your bathroom renovation.

4/ Seek out the rain

Along with beautiful recessed lighting in the bathroom, something we always enjoy in boutique hotel stays, is rain showers which are a wonderful addition in any bathroom. Whether you go for a big round head or a more contemporary square, there is something very luxurious about the soaking effect of a rain-style shower head. This type of shower is gaining with home owners who are seeking out the little luxuries in their every day life.

5/ Wallpaper in the bathroom

Wallpapered walls are still going strong in 2022 for your bathrooms. Despite popular belief that wallpaper should not be used in damp conditions, there is nothing stopping you from adding a statement wall in your bathroom with decadently coloured paper as you keep the space well ventilated. You should also opt for vinyl paper or coat it in decorators varnish.

TIP: Wallpaper should not be used where it might get wet so avoid placing immediately behind your sink.


  • Mindthegap Palm Springs Wallpaper Tropical, Bathroom Lifestyle, Portrait, £195, www.mindthegap.com

  • Gold Jadipai bathroom tap, £189.99, www.dowsingandreynolds.com

  • Big Bathroom Shop - Milano Nero Mono Basin Mixer Tap in Black

  • White Kagera bathroom tap, £129.99, www.dowsingandreynolds.com

  • Electric Lagoon Blue- Bathroom, £125, www.thecuriousdepartment.com

  • Mindthegap Palm Springs Wallpaper Swatch, Portrait, £195, www.mindtheg.com

  • JUNGLE FAUNACATION WALLPAPER, £140, divinesavages.com

  • ZSA ZSA CANDY WALLPAPER, £140, divinesavages.com

6/ Plants in the bathroom

If you are truly looking for that organic feel in the bathroom, why not add a few plants in there too? The humid environment will be perfect for them. Surrounding yourself with live plants is wonderful but remember that you still need the floor to be clear of obstacles, so place your plants in hanging baskets or tuck away in corners, provided they still get enough day light which they will need to really thrive!