BEFORE you go ahead and start a blog, you need to think ahead into the future. Suppose your blog takes off (and if you follow my advice, it will) and you are ready to invest in a domain name as well as move more into social media. You go on a domain name registration website only to find that your catchy blog name is already taken up. Or, while you can get the domain name that you want, you have to play around with names on Twitter and Pinterest, adding underscores "_" or numbers at the end to make it work. 

What do you do, change your blog's name?



If you want to start a blog and be taken seriously from the get go, here's what you need to do. The same rules apply when you are thinking of launching an e-shop!

Find a domain name first

This is the "website" name. In my case "". You can check if your desired name is free by trying a couple website registrars like and


Tip: Try both to see where you can buy the domain name cheaper, as the prices are different between registrars.  


You can also buy a package - domain name and website if, like me, you want to be able to expand your blog later on. For example, website host WIX.COM, which yours truly uses, have amazing templates and you are only limited by your imagination!

Check the name on social media

Check that the desired domain name is available on ALL social media (even on those you don't yet use!). If it is not, go back to step 1. 

Tip: Avoid really long names as they cost you characters on Twitter and nobody will remember it anyway. The shorter the better obvs. 

Buy the domain name for at least 2 years. 

At this stage that's all you need to invest in. You do not need an email address linked to your website yet. The moment you buy the website name, secure the same name across all social media too.  Yes, that means doing it THE SAME DAY.

Link your domain name to your blog


There are clear instructions on how to do this depending on the blogging platform you use. The transfer can take up to 24h after which, once you type in your domain name it will lead to your blog/site.

A killer blog pre-requisite is a template that will blow your readers away. 

Tip: if you are using a website template, be cautious of parallax scrolling templates because they can kill your SEO. Click here to see an example of parallax scrolling. Yeah, it looks awesome but at the end of the day it is a one-page website with multiple H1 headers that drives search engines mad. If you are a shop owner, A V O I D unless you have a team of experts behind you. 

Add all your social media icons and links on your blog too


Double, triple your social media exposure and get followers across multiple platforms at the same time. OK, this is already starting to look super good. It doesn't matter that you have no content yet, you'll add this over time. But first impressions count!

I've followed countless new blogs that had one or two posts only but looked fab! 

What's in a blog's name

You want to be easily remembered and have a URL that accurately describes your business. Here are a few things to consider before you presss the "BUY IT" button.

You want a domain that’s simple to read, simple to say, and simple to remember. It also helps if it’s easy to type although the latter is irrelevant with auto-fill function on computers and smartphones. KEEP IT SIMPLE. Create a url that is no longer than two or three words. It could even be your name (Why not!? Unless of course you have my maiden name, in which case forget it!).