Best tips for flatlay photos

Almost £2 billion was spent on the affiliate and lead generations industries in 2015, and the industry has been growing steadily since. 

Like so many bloggers out there , when I realised that I could make money out of my blog using affiliate marketing, it was a revelation.

Sure enough I wanted to give it a go, but it took me ages to understand how the whole system worked. Well, bypass all that with my Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing.


Start by understanding your role in affiliate marketing. The difference between publisher and advertiser. And my preferred program for monetising my blog. 



What do they all have in common?


They all advertise on my favourite Affiliate Marketing Site: Affiliate Window.


Find out how to start monetising your blog through Affiliate Window and work your way not just to being a top publisher but a genuine influencer that top brands will want to work with. 

This little guide (well not so little but that's a good thing) is currently No 4 on Google's results when you type "flatlay tips" and it's my most popular post by far. 

For this reason I decided to re-write it and add more tips and cool photos as well as format the content for mobile optimisation. 

If you want to seriously up your game and take likeable flat lay photos, my guide will definitely help you as it is packed with helpful tips and resources, from filter apps to where to buy the perfect marble backdrop. 

Affiliate marketing tips
Affiliate marketing tips
Affiliate marketing tips

You see other blogs advertising Net a Porter on a side bar and you think "so that's how they make money!" 

Your eyes start seeing dollar signs. But wait a minute. How many times have you sat down to see your favourite show or movie only to be distracted by endless ad breaks? Hate 'em, right?

So if you know you hate ads why would you want to infest your blogsite with them? Find out why having sidebars for ads may not be helping your blog after all!

BEFORE you go ahead and start a blog, you need to think ahead into the future.


Suppose your blog takes off (and if you follow my advice, it will) and you are ready to invest in a domain name as well as move more into social media. You go on a domain name registration website only to find that your catchy blog name is already taken up! 


Or, while you can get the domain name that you want, you have to play around with names on Twitter and Pinterest, adding underscores "_" or numbers at the end to make it work. 

What do you do then, change your blog's name?

Nice to meet you - 

Your content is ace and you have good traction on your blog, you're beginning to build a name for you. 

A brand comes along and thinks you're suitable for their audience so would like to know more about your blog's stats. 

They ask for your Media Kit.

Are you going to start looking around about what Blogger Media Kits are or are you ready to create one with my help? Thought so!