Christmas Decorations

Christmas baubbles
Christmas baubbles
Christmas baubbles

Christmas is without a doubt the king of all holidays. It's the time that families and friends get together and the house looks its best. You are ready to get the prettiest tree baubles and garlands out, install festive lights and light up the candles to create a unique atmosphere for kids and adults alike.

GOLD CHRISTMAS DECORATING SCHEMES are always a safe bet, because you can keep adding to your selection of Christmas decor year after year, they never go out of fashion. GOLD is colour that looks formal and oozes opulence, so try to go as big as possible with it.


HOW TO: Decorate your tree with smaller plain gold glass baubles and mix some more expensive ones in to fill the gaps. You can use gold coloured burlap/ hessian fabric for impact and 'dress' the tree from top to bottom. This page contains affiliate links

Christmas baubbles
Christmas baubbles
Beaded Trellis Bauble

BLACK CHRISTMAS DECORATING SCHEMES are outside most people's comfort zone but when done well they can have great impact. Jet is one of the year's go to colour and you can use it in a monochrome way - black and white - or combined with gold (very formal).


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