Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees: Real or Faux?

Some time ago we wrote a piece on this question. We don't think there's a right or wrong answer to it. There are so many faux Christmas trees that look just like the real deal as well as many alternative trees (white trees, pink trees, upside down trees, wall trees), there is definitely something for everyone. So if you don't want to get a real one, there's still plenty to choose from. 

Why you should buy real

  • Christmas trees are nowadays grown in plantations; they're not cut down from forests so when you buy a real tree you help small farms and the nurseries and support your local economy. 

  • Real trees smell divine! But you can always get a candle with pine perfume!

  • They look better than fakes, but not always. Apparently, artificial trees are gaining in popularity every year.

  • Nordmann Fir is the most popular tree that has a good retention of needles, so you can use it from the 20th November all the way to the New Year without any problems. They are well shaped and full.

Why you should buy Faux

  • Have you been to a nursery recently? There is too much variety and you have to choose your tree from the lot. Whereas you can get a faux tree from the comfort of your sofa with a few clicks.

  • You spend only once on the tree and you can re-use it. You can then spend more on family gifts!

  • They conveniently come with lights, depending on the price. No more untangling the fairy lights!

  • They are easy to assemble and store away. 

  • They come with their own base, included in the price.

  • You can find them in all heights and they can also come with "snowy" effect, something you cannot replicate on real trees without a mess. One of my favourite is this Snowy Fir Tree.

John Lewis & Partners Blue Pop-up Slimli

John Lewis  

Pre-Lit slim tree, 6ft


Pencil Pine Potted Pre-lit Christmas Tree


John Lewis  

Slender Spruce Unlit Christmas Tree


Space saving trees

If space is an issue then opt for a narrow tree.


You can push these against a corner, or have next to a fireplace. 


A pre-lit tree will save you time and help you get through the decorating phase all relaxed. Because no one likes untangling last year's fairy lights.  


Frosted Snowball Line Lights

Frosted Snowball Line Lights, £30

Jewelled Twig Light Up Garlands

Jewelled Twig Light Up Garlands

If you’re thinking of decorating your home in a Nordic-inspired theme this year, we have numerous ideas to create a fun and festive scheme. But you need to choose the right tree first!

Christmas tree wth snow

John Lewis  

John Lewis Isla Mist Pre-Lit Christmas Tree, 7ft


Christmas tree wth snow

The White Company 

Nordic Pinecone Spruce - 3ft - Natural


Christmas tree wth snow
Christmas tree wth snow

The White Company 

Nordic Pinecone Spruce Christmas Tree - 3ft - Natural



The White Company

Spruce Christmas Tree - 7.5ft - Natural



Christmas tree wth snow

The White Company

Symons Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree - 7.5ft - Natural



Christmas tree wth snow

The White Company

Spruce Christmas Tree - 6ft - Natural



Size matters

Need to fill in the space with a really large tree?

Try these larger size ones that are natural or faux (and read here our debate for real or faux trees!)

Christmas tree Blue Mountain

Cox & Cox

7ft Blue Mountain Spruce Christmas Tree


Christmas tree Large size

Cox & Cox

Fabulously Full Christmas tree



Indoor Outdoor

Maybe you are thinking of decorating just outside your home or in the garden?

These wonderful indoor outdoor trees will not let you down.

Christmas tree Blue Mountain

Cox & Cox

Frosted Pine Indoor Outdoor Light Up Tree


John Lewis

Pre-lit Micro LED Twig Tree


Screenshot 2018-11-17 at 22.10.42.png

Cox & Cox

Dot lights tree, £175


Christmas tree Blue Mountain

The White Company

Birch Twig Outdoors Christmas Tree White




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