15 space-saving Christmas decor ideas that are PERFECT if you rent or own a small home

Christmas is just around the corner and once again we have to enter the debate of real versus faux Christmas tree. But for renters up and down the country, Christmas also means that a whole lot of precious space will be taken up by bulky items and that are not easy to store afterwards. And we all know that storage, especially in the capital, comes at a certain premium. To celebrate Christmas in style here are 15 ideas for Christmas Decor that does not take up too much space!

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1. Keep the decor outside

This luxurious green and berry swag incorporates a handful of beautiful frosted faux greenery, including mixed leaves, sea holly and berries, to create a full-looking display. It is a versatile style that can be hung on your front door or around the home, or set on the table for a beautiful display.

2. Start with a welcoming mat

First impressions count! Nothing sets the mood better than a welcoming mat at the front of your door. A coir mat will help keep your home tidy and the star will immediately remind you we're in a festive season.

The good news: you don't have to pack this mat away after the festivities are over. This Garden Trading mat with a star is a classic for all year round clean floors. Your landlord will thank you (in fact, your landlord should BUY this for you).


3. No space for tree?

No problem! Perfect for those who love Christmas but are short on space, this rustic hanging tree has been carefully created using rows of natural birch branches hung together with strong jute string. A nature-inspired contemporary tree that works as an addition or alternative to your traditional fir tree, each branch has a dusting of sparkly snow.

Available in two sizes to suit your space, and perfect for hanging on your wall, this tree can be displayed alone in your entrance hall or used as the main attraction teamed with an array of lights and decorations, surrounded by presents.

Please note, this tree is sold alone; the decorations and lights are available separately! When you no longer need to use it, roll it up and display propped inside a basket.

Available from COX & COX and get 20% off with code AGEN20.

Buy Rustic Hanging Tree

4. Lit up Christmas tree canvas poster

Effortlessly evocative, this wall hanging is a fantastic festive home addition. Hang anywhere and immediately transport to cosy alpine lodges, to the fireside and to snow days. Each fir tree on this hanging canvas is softly lit by battery operated LED bulbs to a magical effect.

And if you forget this on, the worst that can happen is the battery running out!

Available from COX & COX and get 20% off with code AGEN20.

5. Wall tree with lights

Designed to capture the swag of a traditional star-topped tree with all the bouncing light and charm of the real thing, this tree is perfect for those who love Christmas but are short on space, or for those seeking something a little different.

Crafted with shaped metal boughs, and easy to hang from a hook on your wall, this magical tree can be displayed either inside or outside the home to striking effect. We see the Magical String Light Tree stood alone in your entrance hall or porch to welcome guests, or as the main attraction teamed with an array of decorations surrounded by presents!

Available from COX & COX and get 20% off with code AGEN20.

6. Twig Trees

This most enchanting tree, an alternative to the traditional evergreen, a tree that is beautiful in its simplicity and a must for those looking for tradition with added style.

Lit by perfectly placed warm white lights and snow-touched, this tiny Alpine Fir can be adorned with decorations or displayed bare inside for a unique and restful scene. Outside, when positioned to an entrance or porch this tree offers the most magical festive welcome by its realism and pared-back look. Buy this twig tree.

Available from COX & COX and get 20% off with code AGEN20.

7. Magical Light Up Birch Tree

Effortlessly atmospheric this enchanting birch style Christmas tree instantly sets a scene of calm by its wintry white silhouette. Also a space-saver! It would look great in a minimalist home or any home with brightly painted walls, where it can pop out by contrast!

8. Slim trees - perfect for tacking away in a corner

This tree is grand! At 7ft, it will make a big statement, but it is so slim, it can hardly take up any space. Keep it in a corner out of the way and enjoy it in the evening with all lights lit up. Note however, that this one is not going to be easy to pack away after the holidays as it comes in one piece!

Buy - Slim 7ft lit up tree

9. Slim trees you can pack away after Christmas

Slim and elegant, this 6ft spruce is ideal for saving space while making a statement within your seasonal décor. It's a realistic looking tree with a natural outline.

Tip: wrap the base in some cloth to hide it (you can use a throw) and only get one bucket of Christmas baubles! This tree breaks up in sections and the base folds flat so it is easy to pack away under a bed or on top of a closet.

10. On doors - stockings for presents

Even if your rental place does not have a fireplace, you can still hang stockings on door handles or on a coats rack. These gorgeous pink and purple TORI MURPHY Christmas stockings are new for 2020. We cannot decide between leopard or zig-zag!

11. Washi Tape Wall Display

Use festive washi tape to tape Christmas cars, holly or a small wreath on your wall to create a festive display.

12. Wood star garlands on the wall

With petite, wired wooden stars strung on a natural jute garland, this beautifully simple lit garland glows with the light of twenty warm white LEDs. Display in your Christmas tree as a fabulous alternative to fairy lights, or enhance the ambiance of your festive fireplace.

Buy wooden star garland

13. Create a large display using a picture frame

You can stick cork to the back of a picture frame with cork and cover with a simple wrapping paper (or paint white with some leftover paint!). Then use cork pins to create a display of Christmas decorations as shown here by The White Company!

14. A small vignette

Create a small vignette using existing furniture you have in your home - like stools or chest of drawers. You can use this to place seasonal flowers, tiny Christmas trees or bowls with baubles, as seen here on The Merry Thought.

15. Dress your dining table with festive crockery!

We love the idea of having seasonal mugs on stand-by. These ones from Sophie Allport (new for 2020) are perfect for delicious hot chocolate, complete with lots of marshmallows.


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