15 DESIGNER Superhost Airbnb residences in Athens, Greece

Whether you are planning a short trip with friends or family to take in the sights of Athens, planning where you stay carefully is really needed as not all areas in Athens are either safe or well kept. A perfect stay needs more than an AirBNB superhost. You need to be close to the Metro or Tram, close to a few of the sights (they are very spread across the city) or close to the sea and of course have enough restaurants or cafes close by to help you get a real taste of living in this beautiful European city.

The first thing to know when choosing an AirBNB in Athens is that Greek Building Regulations are not as strict as those in other countries. Athens was devastated in WWII and there was a lot of looking the other way when individuals started re-building. A lot of homes were built in the 50s and lack central heating altogether, this being resolved now with electric heaters and air-condition units (helpful for the summer too).

There are also many big blocks of flats and the only regulation there is how many floors the building will have depending on where it is built. The facade of the building is down to the architect. So pretty much, most of central Athens looks like a cacophony of cement blocks. Inside, terrazzo, now super trendy, is the most popular material for floors as is wood.