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Clerkenwell Design Week 2015

Internationally renowned design festival, Clerkenwell Design Week returned for its sixth year in 2015 (19-21 May), bringing together the latest innovations by some of the best creative forces from the UK and around the world. The event yet again encompassed the true spirit of the design community in one of the world’s most vibrant, creative hubs.

The structure of the 2015 event revolved around four focused exhibitions, housed in Clerkenwell’s most historic buildings. The Design Factory presented high-profile UK and international brands, along with a dedicated lighting floor in the Farmiloe Building, while Detail showed high-end decorative interiors with an additional pavilion on St John’s Square in the majestic Priory Church at the Order of St John. Platform saw the work of talented, up-and-coming designers in the subterranean Victorian prison at The House of Detention, and Additions, new to the festival in 2014, will once again take over the Crypt on the Green at St. James Church, exhibiting small design pieces and accessories. I went along on Wednesday, filled with the excitment of a new joiner (and the fact that bonuses had been announced on the day) and spent a good afternoon touring the event and of course seeing lots of great new interior offerings.

Here are just a few of the things that caught my eye.

Jielde lighting from Holloways of Ludlow. Find them here. Colour pop and must have!

Jielde lighting from Holloways of Ludlow. Find them here. Colour pop and must have!

Copper & Silk lamps and shades - buy here

Copper & Silk shades - buy here

The Eley Kishimoto collaboration with Anglepoise to celebrate the revival of iconic building Centre Point. Buy here.

Mini Foresti and Orland chandelier by Di Classe. From £161. The table lamps on the right are model: Arles retailing at £108. Buy here

Matt Pugh's desk lamps. Available here.

Portuguese designer Helena Ambrosio takes a lot of pride in her work which is designed in the UK. Some of her pieces are produced by an excellent porcelain maker in Czech Republic to manufacture these handcrafted pieces to a high standard. Find more here.

The FCH is a sculptural porcelain candleholder where paper folding was used as an idea generation medium.

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