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Introducing: A lot of fuss about wireless charging!

Like many of you out there, I HATE cables. And we have a lot of those at my home. It comes with the territory, I guess, as my husband loves gadgets and his desk seems to grow tentacles overnight. This is one of the reasons I am upgrading him from a plaIn glass desk (you can see everything behind and its a hot mess!) to a massive antique oak pedestal one that will hide everything properly.

So I’ve been waiting impatiently for the wireless revolution to kick off. Wireless internet is just not enough anymore. I will ultimately be a lot happier when TVs, laptops and every other electric and electronic device can be wirelessly charged when in a specific area. My dream is a long way off yet.

You can imagine my excitement when a few weeks ago I came across some heavy weight marketing for AIR-CHARGE, a design + tech company that launched a range of wireless charging solutions. They where advertising ahead of the Clerkenwell Design Week 2015. Their product range looks pretty good from a design point of view.

To use their technology you need a phone that has built in wireless charging capacity or alternatively a wireless charging case.