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Introducing: A lot of fuss about wireless charging!

Like many of you out there, I HATE cables. And we have a lot of those at my home. It comes with the territory, I guess, as my husband loves gadgets and his desk seems to grow tentacles overnight. This is one of the reasons I am upgrading him from a plaIn glass desk (you can see everything behind and its a hot mess!) to a massive antique oak pedestal one that will hide everything properly.

So I’ve been waiting impatiently for the wireless revolution to kick off. Wireless internet is just not enough anymore. I will ultimately be a lot happier when TVs, laptops and every other electric and electronic device can be wirelessly charged when in a specific area. My dream is a long way off yet.

You can imagine my excitement when a few weeks ago I came across some heavy weight marketing for AIR-CHARGE, a design + tech company that launched a range of wireless charging solutions. They where advertising ahead of the Clerkenwell Design Week 2015. Their product range looks pretty good from a design point of view.

To use their technology you need a phone that has built in wireless charging capacity or alternatively a wireless charging case.

But do the products above really eliminate the need for cables? No. Not really. Instead of having the charger plugged to the wall, I now get the wireless charger's own power cable, doh. So for me, the charger itself and the tray are not something I would buy.

But lighting... Lighting is needed around the desk and next to my bed so could I combine the light and charger in one and get rid of at least one cable? Let's see what is on offer.



Plus points: Sleek, in a choice of colours, ergonomic, LED

But: looks like something an architect would use.

Price: £265 sold here

They say:

The KONCEPT range offers award winning, cutting edge design in the manufacture of ergonomic task lights. Compatible Smartphones can now be wirelessly charged on your desk top. Non compatible phones can have an inductive sleeve / case receiver added.

Designed to combine the benefits of reduced running costs and lower heat generation along with an elegant slim line look, the KONCEPT LED task lighting is now available with aircharge wireless charging integrated into the base – the ideal solution to light your space and keep your device topped up.


Price: $239

Plus points: Sleek, in a choice of 3 colours, OLED (that's organic LED to you), less "in your face" and with adjustable brightness, touch technology. The charging point is not visible.

But: static and still pricey. Not immediately available (pre-order only).

And here it is at 1/10 of brightness:

At 1/3 of its brightness:

And at 100% brightness:

There is a lot more literature on this beautiful light on the company's blog.

And then you have IKEA

- S O R R Y G U Y S -


Model: VARV

Price: £50. Yes, £50!

Plus points: simple design, LED, and an ideal bedside lamp.

That's where this technology is most needed if, like me, you are running out of juice, thinking the baterry will die overnight and the alarm will not go off but you are too tired to wake the 3 meters to the nearby charger. Take your glasses off, leave the phone on the light's charger, turn the light off. Job done. Thank you IKEA.

And with that price you can afford to buy two for each side of the bed. Immediately available. But hurry. As at 20:01 on 22 May 2015, the two IKEA stores in London have a combined stock of only 15 of these lamps. Let's hope more are on the way!

But: They only come in white so let's hope you are a fan of the Scandi look.

The VARV also comes as a floor lamp at a price of £85.



Price: £49

Plus points: simple design, BUILT IN LED, and an ideal desk or bedside lamp. LOVE THE BIRCH. Affordable. Ergonomic. 10W, Warm white light, meant for 20,000 hours...

But: There's a lot of fuss about this 20y lifetime of leds, but if they go off will IKEA take back my lamp if I don't have the receipt after say 10 years? LOL! This is a BLOGGERS LAMP!

The clevercloggs over at IKEA were obviously not content with launching two new products with this technology.

What is better than 2 new products?

(I am obviously counting VARV as one product even though it comes in two sizes)?

4 new products! (Obvs!)

So here you go, extra material to ponder on.

The £50 white bedside table with in-built wireless charging that goes by the name SELJE. A cut out in the corner of the drawer serves as handle. And it is very easy to assemble; there aren't even any screws!

And lastly we have the NORDLI, which is narrower but taller (30x50H compared to 46x37H). I am not sure this justifies the price of £85 though.

So are you thinking of getting something that combines a charger with light or a charger with a bedside table? Do you think these products have general appeal at the moment? Do you hate cables as much as I do?

Drop me a message below!

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