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Dress the floor!

The summer is officially here and we should not really be thinking about carpets, but actually this is the best time of the year to be thinking of buying a rug. Why? Because they are usually discounted during the summer months!

You will have seen my posts on the mancave, this really dark office I have decorated for my better half. His new desk which is mid cetury and kind of industrial looking is currently sitting on top of an Afghan rug. the colours are working well together but the rug is too big and the door does not close. We could trim the door but the truth is that i want that rug back in its original place (living room) where there is another similar colour antique rug and the compliment each other.

So I would love to get a cowhide rug for the office which still looks like this as we have not added the new IKEA Vittsjo hacked bookcase (gold instead of black) nor any if the art is yet on the wall...

The idea about the cowhide comes of course from the kind of eclectic/ industrial cool theme that will be going on in there. Here are some offices with dark walls that also have a cowhide.

So in no particular order, here are my picks for cowhide and other types or rugs and oriental carpets that are currently on sale. Enjoy!

The Zebra print cowhide rug

210cm x 190cm by City Cows £259. Was £379

Next, the black & white cowhide.

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