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DIY - Dip Dye planters

If you are looking for an easy DIY and have a planter of any shape as well as leftover paint then this is what you could do to give them a new lease of life. This easy dip-dye effect plant pot will take minutes to make and you will love it forever! Perfect for plants of any size.

I found this plant at the Priory farm outside of Nutfield in Surrey. We were sitting next to the cactuses and succulents when I saw a group of Aeoniums. Succulents are suddenly all the rage. From tiny little air plants to much larger like Aloe veras, they are easy to maintain. No wonder I was attracted to it. I will not die, it said to me, in my head. I WILL SURVIVE.

Aeoniums, from the Greek "aionios", meaning ageless, are sub-tropical plants, native to the Canary Isles but can also be found in Morocco and East Africa. They are not frost-resistent but that does not really matter as I am planning to keep it indoors. Next, a plant needs a pot, yes?

The planter caught my eye as I was looking for something made of cement and from a distance I thought that this was the case. unfortunately it was made of plastic, but that was not going to deter me. I had leftover spray paint and I was keen to try it out on my next I-just-thought-about-this-but-I-know-it-will-work-fab DIY project: dip-dyed pots.

For this project you need

* 1/5 of Spray paint - I used Rustoleum Elegant Metallic in Gold. Their copper version would work well too. this is enough for 2 planters of up to 20cm diameter.

* Some duct tape to cover the areas you don't want paint on. Just over a meter for two planters.

* Some paper to cover the areas that should not be painted.

* Some newspapers to set on the ground to avoid getting spray paint on tiles/decking.

* Decorator's gloves (or wear your garden gloves) if you don't want any spray paint on your hands (the wind is unpredicatble some times!)

How to

Cover the pots with duct tape and paper to ensure they get the bottom dip-dye or top dip-dye effect. You can go for many different styles, including stripes (horizontal or vertical), diamond shape, your choice! For a lazy Sunday afternoon, I went for the easy option.

Lay them on the covers area (I have a 2m x 2m old throw which I use over and over, including for interiors paint jobs).

Spray from 20cm distance evenly but do not focus on one area too much or you'll see a drip coming down. The secret is to cover with multiple layers. Spray once, wait a few minutes, spray again and so on until you have a good first coverage.

Rustoleum is touch dry in 20 min. You can do a second coat (I did) in one hour. Do not pick up before it's dry or you'll leave finger prints on it.

Do not pick up before it's dry or you'll leave finger prints on it.


Your planters are all dry, you can now add the actual plants and take photos. Sit back and admire your work. A job well done!

Have you tried to dip-dye something recently? Share here!

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