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It's a jungle out there

That's how I feel, having spent the most of my day at the Greek Consulate in London's Holland Park. The bureaucracy, authority and sense of self-importance that made their service (that's what it is meant to be, a service to Greeks abroad and non-Greeks wanting to travel to Greece) a tasteless exercise in how to get 4 people do the work of one. The endless forms and stamping. Stamping forms is turning into a sport of some kind, and I do predict that if modern Greeks had their way, it would make it into the next Olympic games. Anyway, I digress, forgive me, I am still upset it seems.

The theme today is jungle, inspired by my recent experience above. Be warned, the monkeys are on the loose...


New for 2015, the Cole and Son Palm leaves wallpaper, £78/m

Hang About Wallpaper by KATE USHER STUDIO, 10m roll, £165


Oscar de la Renta Pineapple candlesticks (set of 2), £187,

Set of tropical melamine bird plates by Lime Lace, £23.95

Elephant trophy head by Myhaus via, £69


Seletti - Monkey lamps, £150 for the sitting one, £205 for the standing one.

This is definitely a style I am considering right now, with the dark palm jungle by Cole and Son in the background, a cream iron frame bed and the monkey on either side of the bed.

Dyberg Larsen PineApple lamp in gold, £90

(also available in white, black, copper) via

You can also find this as a table lamp.


Greeting Cards by Nikki Strange on, £2.36

'It's A Jungle Out There' Print by FREYA DEFOE, £19.50

Botanical Jungle Fever, Canvas Art by PALM VALLEY, £49.50

Leopard by Caroline Gibello, fine photography print via Lumitrix, from £90

Disclaimer - this is not a sponsored post but it does contain affiliate links.

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