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Last night I made my way down some very familiar streets from Sloane Square to Chelsea Wharf to attend a design seminar hosted by As my taxi was caught in a jam, just before Albert Bridge, I was suddenly a little nostalgic of the days when - on maternity leave - I would push my red Bugaboo along the Thames from the Victorian houses in Sands End, past Chelsea Harbour, all the way to Battersea Park and back (with a tiny stop at Le Pain Quotidienne for bread and spreads).

But my little one is little no more and my taxi arrived soon, if a little late, at my destination.

Making my way towards the HQ you can imagine my surprise and delight when I passed the other beautiful shop, that of Pooky Lights. What a coincidence, I thought to myself, only to remember a few seconds later that Pooky Lights are owned by and it therefore made sense that they would be located under the same roof. The shop was filled with beautiful killim rugs in rich red colours and the shades in deep turquoises, vibrant pinks and playful yellows filled the floor. The sun was setting and the lights were dimmed, this shop was a cave of wonders!

*must return*

Quick up to the third floor, sign in and entered the spectacular room of this warehouse conversion which was open plan and completely packed with design enthusiasts who came to hear from the very best on how to create Timeless Style in the design of their homes. Champagne in hand, I found a great spot so I could see the action on the projector and the speakers and started taking notes like a manic.

The seminar aimed at helping us understand how to create a home that is transitional throughout seasons and years, the speakers "guiding us through what timeless design means to them, how they choose to express it in their work, and providing handy tips and tricks for creating a home that transcends seasons and outlives trends".

First up (and already going 80mph when I settled down) was Emma Mawston, Head of Design for Liberty Art Fabrics Interiors. Emma has an enviable access to Liberty's print archives and is heading the re-launch of some of Liberty’s most renowned archive patterns, alongside designing fresh new collections. Now, it's a mystery to me why Mawston does not seem to have an Instagram account. Can you imagine what her IG would look like!!? * sigh * Hopefully, she will read this and realise that we want to see what she sees every day!

Emma Mawston showing all prints

Liberty's hand-drawn prints (Mawston)

Liberty's hand-drawn prints (Mawston)

Mawston's passion for textiles and Liberty's of London, her employer for more than 2 decades (!) is infectious. She run through her presentation wanting to show us as much as possible in the little time she had.

"Mawston's passion for textiles and Liberty's of London is infectious"

She got particularly excited when she showed us the collection "Secret Garden" and said that Liberty's Secret Garden is its own archive. Showing a photo of jeffery rose tree, she describes how she was drawing a pattern and could not find the book to draw a robin and then a robin appeared on her window and that's how she drew it on the pattern. True story!

Next, Mike Howes, Commercial Director of Paint by Conran talked us through putting together a wonderful eclectic collection - the 96-colour palette of the brand - and explained what sets them apart from other brands that offer equally flat colour with strong pigmentation (let's not name names): their paint is washable. He says. I have not yet tested that but would love too (not that I have rason to doubt the claim, after all the work with factories that manufacture paint for tanks. They must have something extra up their sleeves!).

Howes also talked us through how palettes can contrast and complement each other to create a home that will look fresh, inspiring and uplifting for years to come. Here are a few of the palettes I picked up on the projector.