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In the Window with TATO

TATO is a project that has been dreamed and made in Italy, with a design concept and a solid industrial certainty that results in a new economic and cultural scenario and in a future-oriented tradition

of manual dexterity, knowledge of gestures and materials, handicrafts. All those elements that make Italy well-known in the world.

This, I would guess, is the TATO Charter. I came across them In the Window and fell for their lamps like I know you will too. For me, having been to Milan so many times, the design is vero Milanese, the brass elements on the lamps fitting perfectly in a shoot of Elle Deco Italy, with beautiful people relaxing in luxurious Baxter sofas, with suede Tod's on their feet and Cavalli shirts tucked carefully in perfectly fitting jeans inside a palazzo that looks just a bit ruined outside but inside is something like this...

If only they had a Beghina da Tavolo next to them and a Baxter sofa,

the shoot would have been perfect.


by Giulia and Guido Guarnieri

The Guarnieri siblings love Milan and the nostalgic and functional midcentury design. Their passion has been taking them for years to remote flea markets and junk shops in the middle of nowhere around the world in search for gold dust. After getting their Masters at the Politecnico di Milano, they have undertaken different professionals around Europe which crossed design, video art and marketing. When it comes to design it is worth to mention that Giulia worked at Matteo Thun. Currently Giulia is a brand manager for an Italian fashion company and Guido is an art director for a design company. Giulia and Guido work well together when they are separated by an ocean and indeed the Beghine were born almost for fun while Guido was free-lancing in Melbourne and Giulia was working for a scooter brand between Milan and Tuscany.


With two legs projected forward and one back for stability, the design looks like a reverse GRASSHOPPA lamp. It is all in the detail. Would you go for the brass and gloss black or the chrome and matt black? Or maybe in white?

Find more about In the Window here.

Visit TATO's website here.

All photos, TATO's Charter and the Designers' background from the TATO brochure and website.

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