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Stay one step ahead this Christmas

You look at the calendar and realise that Christmas is a few weeks away. What do you do? Definitely do not panic because the UK's most colourful blog is at hand to help you be one step ahead during the festive season!

Planning ahead for Christmas is crucial whether you have relatives staying over or just entertaining friends on Christmas day. Not only do you need to make sure the house looks its best but also that you are not exhausted by Boxing Day. Here are my top tips to stay one step ahead when decorating your home this Christmas.


1/ Get the tree in

A lot of people like to decorate early and by the end of November will have chosen their tree. Do you go for a real or artificial tree? My preference, for a number of reasons, is to have a real one. But how to choose the right tree?

I always get a Nordmann Fir because it retains its needles well and lasts longer. In comparison, a Norway Spruce does not have the same 'shelf-life' and you should buy it preferably 1-2 weeks before Christmas. Not earlier or it will dry out unless routed.

If your preference is an artificial tree, you may want to consider a pre-lit one. That way you don't need to worry about jumbled-up fairy lights after the holidays!

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