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Christmas Traditions - Greek cookies 'Melomakarona'

To be honest, I am not sure Greeks can claim these cookies as their own, but we sure do make them by the double dozen where I come from during Christmas. So let me introduce you to melomakarona (Honey Walnut biscuits although the actual translation is honey spagetti - don't ask me why as I do not know!).

These delicious moist biscuits have four basic ingredients: flour - semolina - orange juice and brandy. The combination of semolina and flour means they won't be too tough; and the orange + brandy will give them great aroma and taste. And a little kick if you overdo it of course with the brandy!

I made these today as a treat for my neighbours, they are easy to make and the whole house smells like... well, Christmas! It was quite a task keeping the husband out of my way and out of the kitchen, he wanted to inspect and, of course, test!

Now, the following measurements will make you a good 40 of these cookies. A box size 8'' will feet 20 of them nicely (hence why I made double dose today).

Let's start!

Step 1

150g thin semolina

500g flour (soft)