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Object of Desire - Karui Trays by GamFratesi

All things metallic and shiny. I simply love them. It is not just the element of luxury they carry (well, even if it is only in our mind. Not everything that shines is gold after all). It is their timelesssness. So brass was here, then faded in the background and now it's here to stay again, and for a long time. Long may it live in our interiors!

This brings me to today's object of desire, the Karui trays designed by GamFratesi for Skultuna.

For over 400 years Skultuna has produced fine metal objects of the highest quality for both everyday use and for special occasions. Always with that same sense of quality, function and design Skultuna today creates tomorrow’s antiques. Skultuna is a brass foundry, so unless otherwise stated on a specific product, it is made of solid brass. This, I like! I first came across their products in 2015 when I had a chance to look up close the Lara Bohinc London Collection, a collection of carefully crafted tea light holders. But back to the GamFratesi gems!

The trays are made using metal spinning, a classic Skultuna production technique. The leather comes from the leading Swedish tannery Tärnsjö, famous for their high quality leather and located close to Skultuna in Sweden.

Stine Gam on the design philosophy for the trays: The trays are called Karui / 軽い which in Japanese means soft (in relation to the leather part) but also light (the trays have a light aesthetic). Japanese gives other meanings as well, such “easy/easily” “quick perhaps” which is the informal feeling we want with the trays, place and take our personal things on the tray becoming a functional and personal easy everyday gesture.

Designed 2015.

Karui trays

Large, Ivory white leather. Ø:34cm, £174

Medium size, in dark green leather, Ø:24cm, £123

Small size, in ink blue leather, Ø:14cm, £69

As featured in ELLE DECORATION UK (Jan 2016 issue)

Available on or through

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