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Farrow and Ball new Colours

I am not sure how this happened but I am working on 4 posts at the same time. This has never happened before. Trying to publish one post when something comes up and throws me in a different direction altogether. This evening I was finally settled in to write a review about the new series of the Great Interior Design Challenge when the new Farrow & Ball Colours dropped like a bomb on my screen.

It feels like the time I was renovating my home and I had 4 crews (well, more of one-man bands they were, but it does sound better with "crews") in the house: plasterer, electrician, decorator and flooring specialist all working in different rooms. It was a magic circle that I had come up with, given our short timeframe to finish the project and move in. The day the plaster would dry, the decorator would move in to paint, two coats, done, then the electrocian would finish up with plugs and switches, then the floor would go in last. And on to the next room..

But I digress. Which is not unusual. Because it's Monday and I have just had chinese (must have been all those silk fabrics that Frankie from GIDC upholstered his walls with. Or where these Japanese?)

Farrow and Ball. Yes, the company that gave us Dead Salmon, and Mole's Breath has launched not one but 9 new colours. I am not sure I can take the excitement of my colour spectrum being diversified further. But I sure was curious about the new names they would come up with. So let's have a look.



As expected, each colour has its own little story to tell, so don't try and put these in a box as Farrow and Ball advises. They are all introduced by Joa Studholme, the brand's International Colour Consultant.

My favourites? See them below. What about yours?

From a wedding at Inchyra Barn. The kilt and heels kind of much, don't you think? Photos by Zoe

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