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GIDC - Ep. 2 Weatherboarded cottage

Still in the running: actress Sharon, doggie day carer Holly and ex-textiles salesman Frankie. In the first episode they were each assigned a bedroom in the Pioneer Building - a modernist former leisure centre in south London.

Read about episode 1 here

We've had tears already with Frankie at breaking point from fatigue in Episode 1 and today our contestants return to face another challenge at the picturesque Kentish village of Rolvenden (Asford). In an area that used to be called "the garden of England" because of its dense forest, wood is the number one material which explains the weatherboarded cottages that reign supreme around here.

Episode 2 Location: Rolvenden, Kent

Style: Weatherboard Cottages

Era: 1600 onwards

The picturesque village is full of these cottages, some of which have period features like heavy old beams and iglenook fireplaces. Low ceilings too. The designers will need to take the period features and the general lack of lighting as most living rooms feature just one window and dark beams and furniture.

First up was Holly who draw looks of disbelief from Daniel when she called her scheme "Grown-up sultry teddy-bears pic-nic".

Wait, what?

She managed to make Sophie Robinson feel so uncomfortable with her presentation skills that she later had to comment:

She basically said to them: "what you've asked for is boring, so I'm ignoring all of it and this is what you're going to get" to which Daniel responded "If someone did this in my office, they would be sacked". OH. DEAR.

Here's Holly's room before and after and her mood board. It got her a third place in the presentation skills. OK... let's move on because I am suddenly allergic to dogs.

and because no design is complete without obvious staples...

Frankie's room was a dated Georgian style front room which had good proportions and in my view was the easiest to work with. As expected, he worked with fabric again even though the room already had lots of it. One element I loved (must look into it) was the diy antique style glass panels he created. However, I wasn't impressed by the way he upcycled the coffee table, turning it into a bar cart of sorts. Sometimes, less DIY is more. Daniel found that he was not taking any risks. He did have the most comprehensive story board though, which won him first place for presentation.

£1000 and 3 days apparently won't take you far, so Frankie's builder is caught cutting all corners painting over the wallpaper. Frankie!!!

Sharon's room had posts in unusual places, a staircase on the side, dark beams and an entrance door as well a mahogany coloured floor and dark furniture.. Well! However, I was lost the moment I saw the lime/yellow colour contrasted with the blue on her mood board. Girl loves her colour, I'll give that to her! But, her whole look was not suited for this space I think. Sophie liked her clashing fabrics but her upcycling was weak and she even used a wobbly side table. Not good!

Sadly, Sharon was sent home, which means tomorrow Frankie and Holly will battle it out. Will Sharon play it safe in the 3rd episode and will Frankie finally let go of his fabrics obsession? All will be revealed!

Try Frankie's antique effect mirror

Cover the glass with a water and vinegar solution then spray a silver effect paint on top. Once dry finish it off with black spray paint to give it a distressed look.

See you for episode 3! Watch Episode 2 on BBC iplayer here.

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