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GIDC - Ep. 5 Georgian Terrace

From thached cottages to Georgian terrace flats, we find ourselves in Bath with its warm honey coloured limestone buildings, which are so recognisable. The remaining three hopefulls have to tackle the living room in 3 beautiful properties, each one with a completely different brief. The expectations are high, given there are no funny low ceilings, beams or lack of light in these beautifully square rooms. Almost a blank canvas for our designers.

Episode 5 Location: Bath

Style: Georgian terrace

Era: 1900s

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High ceilings and windows all the way to the floor, how gorgeous are these properties?! Here is the perfect opportunity to go nuts with colour and creativity, given that each designer has a team of at least 2 builders at their disposal. I totally expect someone to blow me away with a magnificently designed chandelier and this almost happens in the episode. Keep reading!

1/ 'Quality over quantity'


The statement is quickly made by our judge Sophie Robinson who seems to be concerned about Lucy's understanding about "elegance" that her owner is asking for. Sophie clearly still remembers the previous challenge's finishing which was not very impressive (the wardrobes in the youth bedroom as an example). Can Lucy pull this off within the time given? Her mood board suggests that she is clearly going for textbook looks (see below (1) the sofas facing each other in front of the fireplace with muted colours all around) but in the end Lucy gives into her decorative side and adds a bookcase which she fills with little bits and pieces. I dread at the amount of dusting the owner will have to do. Some times, less is definitely more!

I personally loved Lucy's upcycling idea (2), where she managed to make a statement ceiling light out of a carboot sale mother of pearl chandelier together with wood. The high ceiling in the room is just perfect for it.

On the downside, placing the two halves of the ottoman in a line ruined the symmetry and as a result the elegance is thrown out of the window (3). I do have to hand it to her though for recovering (not re-upholstering, as the presenter keeps telling us) both sofas and the footstools in time.

(1) Textbook looks for an elegant Georgian living room

(2) The piece de resistance, by Lucy

(3) Why have one ill fitting ottoman when you can have two ill fitting ottomans

2/ Too simple - too lilac


Rarely do we see opportunities like the one Angelica has in the form of the alcoves combined with her "modern look" brief. Such a shame that Angelica overlooks the alcoves which she should have painted - they were literally screaming out "paint me". And I am not sure if it is my TV or computer, but the colour used looks suspiciously too lilac. Which is a NO-NO for me. Angelica even painted her canvas with the same colour so all we get to see is the thin orange lines. Missed opportunites which she will regret later as she recreates the room in her mind.

Another couple of things in the room concept is (1) the fact that Angelica did not mention anything about the textured paper she used to the homeowners because she was concerned they would not like it. What?! And (2) the box/coffe table/bed which looks dead cheap. Let's remember the brief: "Modern and bold family lounge". Unfortunately there is nothing really bold other than the IKEA black and white geometric rug.

With regards to her design ideas, I am a little confused because on one side she delivers an excellent entertainment unit with the shelving placed at an angle so that the clutter is somehow hidden but on the other side her upcycling idea is letting her down.

3/ Parisian BOLD


The room that impressed me the most was of course Rob's with its deep cobalt blue colour. His owners were asked to be pushed and were relaxed about the colour scheme as long as it could emulate Parisian chic. I love the contrast of gold against this deep blue but why go all matchy-matchy? I would have added hot pink candles and some more colour on the curtains. Moved the owl lamp to the left of the sofa and created a small gallery wall with the frames (spray painting the frames in gold) over the chest of drawers. Then added a baroque/ornate gold framed mirror over the mantlepiece and moved the lovely painting behind the sofa.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 13.56.25

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 13.53.50

Could this be the look that Rob was going for?

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