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How to Achieve the Townhouse Chic Look in Your Home

If you are looking for inspiration for the interiors of a townhouse you are in the right place. Today's blog post is about getting the townhouse chic look in your home, using examples from masters like Laura Hammett and Sophie Patterson.

In this guide we will talk about the furniture and colors to use in your terraced home to make it feel luxurious and if put together by an interior designer.

How to Achieve the Townhouse Chic Look in Your Home

What is a townhouse?

Townhouses (or townhomes) are generally two to three-story structures that share a wall with a neighbouring unit. As opposed to apartment buildings, townhouses do not have units above or below them. They are similar in concept to terraced houses.

A townhouse's architectural and interior design elements often combine to create a harmonious blend of classic charm and modern functionality.

From the exterior, these structures typically showcase a timeless façade characterized by symmetrical lines, elegant entryways, and sometimes ornate details such as wrought iron railings or decorative moldings.

The façade may be adorned with large windows, allowing for an infusion of natural light and creating a welcoming curb appeal. The exterior often reflects the historical context of the area, preserving a sense of continuity within the neighborhood.

The heart of a townhouse

Moving indoors, townhouses frequently feature a well-thought-out layout that maximizes the available space across multiple floors. Traditional townhouses may boast high ceilings, crown moldings, and hardwood flooring, lending an air of sophistication.

Modern designs may incorporate open floor plans, minimalist aesthetics, and innovative storage solutions to optimize space. Staircases are a central architectural feature, often designed with a blend of functionality and visual appeal, serving as a focal point in the home.

The interior design often emphasizes a balance between classic and contemporary elements, creating a cozy yet stylish atmosphere that caters to the needs of urban living. Townhouses are known for their ability to adapt to diverse interior styles, providing a canvas for personalization while preserving the character inherent to their architectural heritage.

So let's have a look at the Townhouse Chic style and how to achieve it.

How to Achieve the Townhouse Chic Look in Your Home

Hallway entrance designed by Laura Hammett

1/ Entrance

Even if your hallway is not as grand as the one above, you can still add style and oomph to the interior from the moment you step inside. A key element of a townhouse hallway is a welcoming space - usually with a luxurious console table, a beautiful and often ornate lighting fixture and some art on display. This is where you set the scene for what is to follow!

Depending on the width of your hallway you may be able to place a console table and accessorize it with a table lamp (or two, on each end of the table) and carefully selected ornaments or fresh flowers.

A mirror over the console table is a must! Use it for getting a last-minute look before you are out of the door on the fancy school run or to make the space feel bigger.

Don't be afraid to go big with hallway mirrors! The average console is 120-1600cm wide, and your mirror should be at least 2/3 as big.

2/ Living room

Having kids doesn't mean that you should have toys in every room and in our house, toys stay in our kids room at all times. There is nothing worse than stepping on Lego, right? So go on and reclaim your living room. I love dark colors and in the townhouse look we often see dark colors (muted blues, greys and browns) used because they exhume sophistication and make the space feel more formal.

Going all dark is no mean feat if your room is narrow but here's a trick. Paint your skirting and coving in the same colour to give the illusion of extended height and don't be afraid to incorporate some oversized ornaments and lamps to accentuate the space.

TIP: use clever side tables to make use of all available space around the room.

How to Achieve the Townhouse Chic Look in Your HomeHow to Achieve the Townhouse Chic Look in Your Home

Photo credit: Laura Hammett Interiors

3/ Dining Room

As an example of a dining room fit for a townhouse, I have chosen the design below which is by Sophie Paterson Interiors. While this is not coming from a townhouse design, it would fit perfectly in one.

The elements I am picking up include the custom-made, build-in seating space with the round table. Minimalistic yet luxurious. The display unit in the back has a mirrored back panel which helps make the space bigger. The lighting of the unit also helps with making the space feel warmer and cosier.

If you feel a round table will suit your room better, my suggestion will be for the CAMERICH DOMO large dining table (it also comes in smaller size). Dining chairs with armrests will give your dining suite a more formal look and your guests will enjoy them as much as you.

The great thing about dark wood tables is that you can use a very plain design for your dinnerware which will stand out against the dark background.

How to Achieve the Townhouse Chic Look in Your Home

4/ Bedroom

Be prepared for understated boutique hotel luxury in the townhouse bedroom. Designers often use luxurious materials like grass cloth/sisal wallpaper on the walls in earthy tones (taupe/grey) and combine it with upholstered beds.

The Townhouse bedroom is all about symmetry. Identical side tables and lamps; one piece of art over the headboard or a collection of pieces (2,3 or 4). Or mirrored panels behind the bed. All will give an air of luxury to your bedroom.

If space allows, a low lounge chair/armchair with a reading lamp can be brought into the design. Luxurious, heavy blackout curtains should be used instead of blinds although it is also recommended to add voile blinds/rollers to diffuse light and layer your window treatments.

And when it comes to flooring, the townhouse bedroom demands a comfortable carpet (usually high pile viscose for added shine). Make sure you also use a good underlay for extra softness when you walk.

Nail the townhouse look

  • Black/white/ taupe/ browns/greys

  • Console table with large mirror and lamps

  • Symmetry in the living room and bedroom - uncluttered, beautifully arranged coffee tables/ ottomans

  • Similar side tables and table lamps/wall lamps in the bedroom.

  • Use of grass cloth or metallic effect wallpaper.

  • Fabulous fabrics: think velvets, and heavy linens for your window treatments.

How to Achieve the Townhouse Chic Look in Your Home

Image Credit: Janine Stone & Co

How to Achieve the Townhouse Chic Look in Your Home

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