Elegant Townhouse


dA collaboration with CAMERICH UK

Photo styling: Jenny Kakoudakis

'Townhouse Chic' is a style category of its own. Town houses traditionally have a small footprint over several floors and are rather narrow. With renovations going about all the time, owners have to decide whether to retain furniture that has traditional character and feel to it or, when the end design demands it and the budget allows it, to use contemporary pieces that will stand the test of time. Marrying old and new is not difficult but personally I think that when you've spent on beautiful flooring and wall finish, you should also get furniture that has a wow factor which you will cherish for years to come.

To achieve this "townhouse chic" style in your home, I have compiled a collection of inspiring designs suggesting pieces from the current range of CAMERICH which I believe sits well within this style. Their collection includes everything from sofas to dining tables and chairs, beds, occasional tables and storage. Great for interior designers wanting to source pieces for residential projects and showrooms as well as for you and me who want to go direct to the source of quality furniture.

CAMERICH have a number of showrooms around London (Chelsea, Fulham, Notting Hill, Swiss Cottage, Islington, Kingston and West End) with their latest addition being a brand new store in Hampstead Heath (Feb '16).

So let's have a look at the Townhouse Chic style and how to achieve it.

1/ Entrance



Even if your front door is not as grand as the one below, you can still add style and oomph to the interior from the moment you step inside. Depending on the width of your hallway you may be able to place a console table and accessorize it with a table lamp (or two, on each end of the table) and carefully selected ornaments or plants. If you can, space permitting, place your console opposite the entrance door with a mirror over it to trick the eye by artificially extending the length of the hallway. The light from your door panels (if you have any) will also reflect beautifully on the mirror and thus make the hallway feel lighter.

Don't be afraid to go big with hallway mirrors! I bought a mirror that is 90cm wide with the frame, but the actual glass is unfortunately only around 50cm wide. If your average console is 100-140cm wide, your mirror should definitely be equally wide. Learn from my mistake!

TIP: Try the EX Designer Console table which is only 40cm deep, if your hallway is narrow.

2/ Living room



Having kids doesn't mean that you should have toys in every room and in our house, toys stay in Junior's room at all times. There is nothing worse than stepping on lego, right? So go on and reclaim your living room. I love dark colours and a town house look could definitely use the grown up sophistication that a darker colours offer.

Going all dark is no mean feat if your room is narrow but here's a trick. Keep the room uncluttered, paint your skirting and coving in the same colour to give the illusion of extended height and don't be afraid to incorporate some oversized ornaments and lamps to accentuate the space. Use modular sofas like the Freetown (below, 2) and area rugs to define zones and use clever side tables (like the Cloud) to make use of all available sq.ft around the room.

TIP: use clever side tables (like the Cloud) to make use of all available sq.ft around the room.

Camerich Lazytime Sofa. And great styling using two coffee tables side by side.

Simon Leather Lounge Chair, CAMERICH. Photo credit: Design Hunter

3/ Dining Room


As an example of dining room within the narrow rooms of a townhouse, I have chosen the design below which is by Kelly Hoppen Interiors. The minimalist black and white look works fabulously with the dark painted floor.

If you feel a round table will suit your room better, my suggestion will be for the DOMO large dining table (it also comes in smaller size). Dining chairs with armrests will give your dining suite a more formal look and your guests will enjoy them as much as you. The great thing about dark wood table is that you can use a very plain design for your dinnerware which will stand out against the dark background.

Above, design by Laura Hammett Interiors. Laura nails the Townhouse chic look.

4/ Bedroom



Be prepared for understated boutique hotel luxury in your bedroom. I would love a subtle grass cloth/sisal wallpaper on the walls in earthy tones and would combine it with an upholstered bed like the CAMERICH Crescent (below) which features dark metal frame and has two slat positions to accommodate different mattress heights. I am in fact currently looking to change our bed and this design will look fab with the future design in the bedroom (custom built wardrobes as in the second photo below). A good second choice is the CAMERICH Era bed (third from the top) with upholstered head and foot board with removable fabric covers.

Town house chic in the bedroom is all about symmetry. Identical side tables and lamp; one piece of art over the headboard or a collection of pieces 2,3 or 4. Or mirrored panels behind the bed. All will give an air of luxury to your bedroom

The CAMERICH Crescent bed

The CAMERICH Era bed.

Above and below, bedroom designs by Laura Hammett Interiors.

The above 4 key rooms should provide enough of a challenge. To summarize the look, I would suggest:

- Black/white/ taupe/ browns/greys

- Console table with large mirror and lamps

- Symmetry in the living room and bedroom - uncluttered, beautifully arranged coffee table/ ottoman

- Similar side tables and table lamps/wall lamps in the bedroom.

- Use of grass cloth or metallic effect wallpaper.

- Fabulous fabrics: think velvets!

That's it, Townhouse Chic achieved!