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GIDC - Ep. 6 Timber framed houses

Another bedroom challenge this week, which finds Rob battling it out with Lucy for a place in the quarterfinal. Will "whirling dervish" Lucy Tiffney manage to impress yet again or will Rob's upcycling talent strike a chord with the judges?

Episode 6 Location: Robertsbridge, Sussex

Style: Timber frame Houses

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A great designer should not just choose the easy projects and rooms. And the latest room given to our aspiring designers and stylists is a bedroom in timber framed houses.

Lucy's room has great proportions and is already looking pretty good. The owners, furniture restorers themselves, would like a traditional Swedish theme with a box bed (say what? In 3 days ??). I am trying to visualize the room before Lucy's mood board comes up but I am distracted yet again by this green fabulousness that Sophie Robinson is wearing.

Here's Lucy's moodboard, complete with a photo of a box bed straight from our inspiration app called Pinterest, the same one I found when typing "box bed".

Sophie is quick to voice her concerns after the presentation, thinking that the build is again quite ambitious. Oh ye of lil faith!

There is method in the madness, exclaims Daniel Hopwood while Lucy states "In three days? Yes, I think I nailed it". And we think so too Lucy.

On the other house, Rob has a young client and a Batman themed kids bedroom. Which to be honest, if you are 7 years old, it's like THE dream room to ask for. When it includes a Batmobile as bed and Lego shaped lamps, even better. Rob is all out with his theme and definitely has a few surprises in there with led lighting and hidden drawers. I think he's right in his element! His room comes toghether literally on the eleventh hour.

On no! Does Rob not know that Batman's greatest rival is Superman? I don't think the caped crusader will be impressed to find Mr Blue Tights Red Pants hanging out on his beloved Batmobile... However the young client totally diggs the place and the transformation and mom is cool with the colour palette. Another happy client in the series.

But, while the clients reactions count, it's down tothe judges to decide who goes through. Lucy moves forward while super talented, upcycling master Rob says goodbye. Damn, I was really looking forward to more of his ideas but I also loved Lucy's creativity.

Imagine if all 16 contestants came together to create a design collective ?

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