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Fabulous looking work spaces

Having an organised and stylish work space is important to me. It keeps me first of all motivated and happy. Less time frustrated about lost files and more time to work. It also means I can finish jobs quicker. And when your home-office is really your main office, even more important to treat it like you would a proper work space when working, say, in a company. You know, clean desk policy, everything filed after you've used it and so on.

Photo: The set of "The Intern", the 2015 movie with Robert de Niro and Anne Hathaway. This is an open plan workspace so everything must be carefully stored away to ensure that the result is not a "messy" looking office.

So here are some tips to keep your workspace super stylish and organised. Some of the items I recommend below I already use or have used in the past (maybe not specifically from the sources I refer to, but similar) and I have found useful. Whatever works for you, but my personal experience has always been that an organised workspace is a must to get those creative juices flowing! You can have a look at my own work space as featured on Abigail Ahern's House Crush and on Apartment Therapy here.

Photo: My home office. Everything has its place. Ergonomics people!

1/ Keep the clutter out of sight


Paper clips, erasers and the odd Lego pieces. You open your drawers and stuff them all in, right? WRONG! This is clutter and clutter cannot win the war of the deskspace. Claim your desk back from clutter with these cute and simple glass jars that are available in many colours to fit the scheme in your room, whether shabby chic pastels or black and white/metallics. They are £5.99 each (plus shipping) and you don't have to buy the paint (usually £3.50 a sample pot plus the brushes plus the trip to the homestore) or do them yourself. The added value of a painted jar: you don't get to see the clutter in them and they will look fab either on your desk or on a shelf nearby. You can use them as vases too. Double the value! Ok, moving on.

Photo: It all started with Paint

Kilner mason jars, £5.99 plus shipping



If you are a creative/dreamer-like person, then it's highly likely that your whole desk is your moodboard and you get inspiration from everything laid out on it. BUT! Put it up high and organise it a bit so you don't loose everything, using a proper moodboard. You can use something made of cork like this one or something like a magnetic blackboard or something made of jute/hessian fabric with a fabulous ornate frame. Anything goes. Because not all of us can have a whole wall as a moodboard like this (but isn't it just awesome!)...

Photo: Coco Lapine Design

Photo: Seasons in Colour

Clockwise above right: Washi tape 'Cloud', £4 for a 50m roll. Girl Boss positive pink pencil vibes, £1 each via ETSY UK. Blush Peach Tassel Garland, £14. Ombre washable paper bag in salmon, perfect to hide away clutter or to use as a bin bag, £12. As before, shipping is not included, however, these products ship from the UK. Via ETSY UK.

TIP: Mood boards are great to hold those all important memos. Is your school having a French Day and the kid needs to go in dressed up, French beret and all? Makes sure you stick it on there or he will be the odd one out and he's not likely to forgive easily (experience talking here; we missed the dress up for world book day and it ain't happening again).

Left to right: Jute fabric moodboard, 20''x16'', £49.90, Fabric board 30cm x 30cm £19.50, Cork memo board 36cm x 69cm, £60. Don't forget that shipping is not included, however, these products ship from the UK. Available via ETSY.



You will hear me banging on about simplicity but it's crucial to having a neat office. This wall calendar is downloadable, so you can print each month and stick on the wall opposite you with a bit of washi tape or pin it on your mood board. Simple and elegant. Another winner.

Printable 2016 Wall calendar in gray watercolor, this is an instant download, £3.90

4/Magazine Holders


I personally have a number of magazine subscriptions (works A LOT less than buying every month) so need to always have the current issues close by. I do like to display my magazines on the nearby bookcase (always in month/year order) but it's also nice to have the current month issues somewhere immediately available to you. I have searched high and low for the most stylish of wall magazine racks and without a doubt, this is it. I may be a little biased as it features my favourite interiors magazine *coughs* but the simple design and materials used, make this a firm favourite and must have for the interiors afficionado. Oh, and did I mention you get green points as it's upcycled?

Left: Aged leather, handmade and upcycled wall magazine holder by WhereSaintsGo, £29.99 Right: Intersect yellow magazine and book holder by Designnoodle £28.45. Via ETSY UK.



Anything goes here. Your office, your style. But if we are talking about MY style, here are a few items I have on my wishlist.

As well as my iMac, I also have a MacBook for holidays, so it needs some TLC and funkiness added to it. This hard Plastic MacBook Case Design with STRIPY PINEAPPLE Pattern for MacBook Pro, Macbook pro Retina Display and MacBook Air Case is FA-BU-LOUS! Your plain MacBook will never be the same again! Protected and stylish.

If you want to showcase your magazines or colourful folders but still have them neatly stacked, use these clear plastic magazine files. At £9.30 each they are not the cheapest but unlike the paper ones these will last longer.

I know you see a theme going on with the pineapples, what can I say I am going loco for them. Pineapples and cheese plant leaves and I am happy. Add something extra on the wall for interest. This 3D pineapple print will add a bit of texture on your wall. And loving the gold foil.

Calligraphy is so big, people are taking lessons right now. Personalise your space with this cute sign, £35; prop it against the wall to lift your spirits thinking of Adele.

Handmade by Alex Sickling this hand painted ceramic pot is perfect for little succulent plants, storing your pencils or even drinking a cup of tea from! More designs on her Etsy page, £25 each.

So there, feeling inspired yet? I know I am ready to update my office for the Spring, what about you?

For more stylish accessories, why not visit

If you bought something from Etsy recently for your desk, take a photo, tag it with #EtsyDeskie and copy @seasonsincolour

I would love to see what you got!

Disclaimer: This post is inspired by Etsy's Dress your Desk campaign and contains affiliate links. All products chosen were selected by Seasons in Colour with no external influence.

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