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Beautiful greys from NEXT

One colour, so many looks! The SS16 Home collection from NEXT oozes elegance at the same affordable prices we know. So here are some statement pieces to invest in, following the grey trend which grows stronger by the day!

Townhouse chic


To nail the look you need to invest in your fabrics. Velvet, jacquards, the more luxurious they look they better. Geometrics are a must and to keep the look less busy use the 2-1 rule: two plain similarly coloured cushions to one patterned. This is an easy and very affordable way to style your sofas and you can change the looks over seasons without having to change your sofa. Do invest in a neutral coloured sofa that can be combined easily with a number of colours. No, a purple or light green sofa will not be easy to combine so unless they are 70% off I would suggest that you move on.

For your dining room choose buttoned up chairs like the Winchester chairs below (sold as a pair, £399) but note that these fabrics will not be easy to clean. So if you happen to have young children and no separate formal dining room, then this look might not be one for you.

For the final touches, add a large square mirror with pewter effect like this.

Country cool


For a country look that is more chic than shabby, choose your grey carefully. A darker colour such as the one on the Stanton® Grey Display Cabinet below (£599,, when combined with the warm earthy colour of oak will take your room to a whole other level. Use to display your crockery but keep the look clean: use a single colour on your crockery collection - creams or whites will go fab!



Thinking of using your game in the bachelor pad? Leather makes us cold, so go for a nice fabric sofa in a cool grey colour with an added chaise at the end for some extra nice snoozes. the one below is the Stratus III Formal Back Large Chaise End Corner sofa and is priced at £1,525. Smaller versions are also available depending on the size of your living room! And because grey will look so good with wood, combine it with a small arc lamp in wood veneer (£75) which you can find here.

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