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Red & Blue will always work in interiors

Genuinely inspired by the blue skies that we've recently experienced, I felt brave enough to move from the monotonous Malaga Red OPI nail polish to something more cheerful (Red My Fortune Cookie) as the temperature rises. There's colour in the garden as well and our roses have started to bloom. So red and blue, blue and red, here's what I have come up with as fashion meets interiors.

This week I fell in love with DFS again - after 5 years with my Gower I am growing a little tired and although it still looks fab, we want to move away from the traditional country style and into something more modern. I ended up on DFS's website as I was preparing a piece on my collaboration with them (the Britannia range, read this piece here) and I got hooked on quite a few pieces, including beds! I have to admit, I didn't know they were into beds, as I didn't know that all their sofas are made to order, here in the UK. Fabulous company.

I also show you below a few pieces from A Splash of Colour, which I picked up after visiting their pop up show in BoxPark last week. I also wrote a post when ASOC launched last October, read more about it here.