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Steel blues and old-world French elegance

New week, new launch, this time by newly introduced brand OLIVIA BARD. Olivia Haddow of the Haddow Group launched last year under her maiden name (Bard) with four collections and continues her journey as a designer with a new opulent collection full of colours and textures that ooze luxury. 'Burnished Grandeur' draws inspiration, follows old-world French elegance, and captures a sense of re-discovered heritage in an array of striking abstract prints, tactile textures and metallic weaves.

Olivia Bard's latest collection of fabrics, 'Burnished Grandeur'

Un je ne sais quoi


With a palette reflecting an air of understated grandiosity, the indulgent steel blues are paired together with undertones of antique pearl and highlighted with accents of gold, pewter and ruby to create a luxurious scheme that is tailored for the modern interior setting.

Embracing the trend for a ‘rough luxe’ look, Burnished Grandeur brings together a rich patina of age, tradition and modernity. With a wealth of prints and motifs on offer, each fabric is designed to work in harmony with one another, from faded florals and organic geometrics to shimmering metallics and hessian-style weaves, each design will make a wonderful accompaniment to interior schemes, whether used to upholster a statement sofa, or create feature cushions.

East meets West


Olivia's collections take inspiration from her travels. Different cultures discovered and explorations all influence her prints with a fusion of East meets West. From the mountains of the Himalayas, to the African plains and the English countryside, while the newest collection draws inspiration from French Heirlooms.

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