100 nights of better sleep with LEESA... and counting!


A memory foam mattress that has given me better sleep. Intrigued? Read on!

It was three months ago when I was given the opportunity to try a mattress from LEESA and I literally jumped to it. At the time I was looking around for a new bed (see below the bed we had at the time, a MALM from IKEA with the Leesa mattress on - and Bella, when she was tiny!). I knew I wanted to downsize from super-king to king as well as change the spring mattress we had bought (from a well known retailer) just five years ago.

The change from Spring to Foam

Ah, that spring mattress. The truth is, after the initial excitement of sleeping in a super king bed had rubbed off, we realised that the spring mattress was not what we expected. Especially since the mattress's name indicated that this was going to be a top of the range, luxury mattress. Needless to say, it did not live up to its name or our expectations.

But how do you take the decision to change a mattress that is so new? I'll tell you: you don't. You just grin and bear it. And the months turned into years and we were still sleeping on the same mattress and still woke up complaining about it. It was not just the cost of changing the mattress (although yes, we did believe that to achieve comfort we had to spend huge amount of money); both my husband and I lead super busy lives and we just didn't have the time to research mattresses again, go try them out or even wanted to think about disposing of the old one. So to be asked to try a mattress that had raving reviews already? Yes please! Read all about my experience receiving and settling into the new LEESA mattress here. Or to find out how my sleep has been since then, read on!

100 nights of sleeping like babies

Snoring babies, but still, babies. I am delighted to share new photos of our bedroom after its makeover; the wall behind the bed has changed from Stiffkey Blue to Dix Blue (Farrow & Ball) and the MALM bed has been replaced with an upholstered bed from DFS (the Joules). I am still looking for the perfect side tables and in the meantime have sourced two amazing art-deco wall lights from New York via ETSY. So feast your eyes on the makeover photos, proudly showcasing my LEESA mattress and its luxurious covering.

A mattress that is lightweight yet supportive

On the day the new bed arrived I personally disassembled the old one. Ordinarily, that would have meant that I needed my husband's help to remove the mattress - the previous spring mattress was just too heavy. So what I realised the day I set about changing beds was that I could lift and move the LEESA king size foam mattress around on my own. I didn't expect that. In fact, I am still in awe that a mattress that provides so much support to two adults - who love an extra portion of fries - is still lightweight and can be moved around so easily.

After I pulled the mattress up to start working on the bed, I also happened to notice something new about it. The removable cover (with zip and all) which I had totally forgotten about. Which is great, as I do love to clean the top and that means that instead of adding a extra mattress protector, you can remove the cover if you want to do some spot washing.

Back to sleeping though and I am just seriously happy that our night time routine has changed to the better. We haven't changed anything in our lifestyle, so I do contribute my better sleep to this wonderfully supportive mattress. No wonder that the first couple of minutes we get in bed every night, you don't hear anyone speaking; we're just taking in all the luxury and comfort and feel HAPPY.

Supporting businesses who support charities

I mentioned it in a previous post about this wonderful company, that they have social responsibility high on their agenda. Giving back something is always great and when you give to charity it is even better. LEESA offer you the opportunity to try their mattress for 100 days and if you are not happy, you can return it for a refund (any mattresses that are returned within the 100 day period will be donated to a local charitable cause, or if one can’t be found - will be recycled).

In addition, their One–Ten programme donates one mattress for every ten sold. At a recent event at Mustard Tree, in Manchester, LEESA donated 62 mattresses to a charitable cause helping people reclaim their lives (read more about that here). They’ve also recently launched their 'One Earth' programme, which plants a tree for every mattress sold, to help offset their carbon footprint.

My #sleeptips

Because it's the summer and everyone is trying to get beach body ready (meh), I have been doing some extra exercise here and there which I find helps me sleep quicker. So exercising is definitely top on my list for easy and quick sleeping. In addition, and I didn't believe it when I was told first, if you sleep lots, you shed the pounds more easily. However, sleep really late (midnight +) and the pounds just won't come off. I guess this has to do with the fact that you also tend to nibble more while you are awake, but there you have it, sleeping more helps you loose weight faster.

Another thing that helps - and we do that with kids so why wouldn't it work on adults too - is no technology at least 30' before shutting our eyes. Trust me, try it a few nights and you too will be sleeping like babies. So go on, give these tips and LEESA a try for #bettersleep.

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This post was prepared in collaboration with LEESA. All opinions are my own and an accurate representation of my experience having used this product for 100+ days. I am thankful to LEESA for giving me the opportunity to prepare fresh content for my readers as well as extending a very cool £50 OFF any size mattress on their website.



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