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Christmas with ZARA Home

Zara Home is a pleasure to visit, because there is always something to be found in this treasure trove of a shop. My nearest store is in BlueWater where I also park easily and so it is easy to take away even bigger items like accent tables, lamps or rugs. ZARA has come up with a few key looks for this Christmas to satisfy all tastes.



This is self-explanatory - gold rules in this look. Don't rush to their website to find the table below; that is not Zara, but everything else in the photo pretty much is (well, except the sofa and amazing gold plant).

Why have a standard look cowhide when you can have a zebra hide. No, let me amend that. Not just a zebra hide but a golden zebra hide.

Your mind is playing tricks. A branch hovers over the table as if by magic, complete with Christmas decorations. Are we in Hogwarts?



Moving away from the warmth of gold and onto a cold metal: silver. This look is equally elegant, after all metallic surfaces are synonymous to luxury. Whether silver or gold is your thing, the result will be one of timeless look so you can re-use these products for many years to come.



The last look is quintessentially Christmassy with red being the colour of choice but still with a fair mix of green and gold for good measure. This is a classic look and the accessories shown are a good - great - investment. Something to use again and again.

So which look is your favourite? If I had to choose, mine would be gold all the way (this year and every year!)

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