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2020 | Interiors accessories with bohemian vibes for your bedroom update

With the weather warming up, what better way to update the look of your bedroom than with colourful textiles that have a bohemian vibe? Fabrics are the easiest way to add some bohemian vibes to your room, but mirrors, lamps and accessories will all help to bring the look together.

This post may contain some affiliate links to enhance your shopping experience and reduce your shopping time. If you click on a link, the blog may earn a small commission from the brand as a thank you for the referral. You’ll never pay more for clicking these links. Thank you for supporting the brands that caught our eye in this post!

1. Bedding

Updating your duvet covers makes sense, after all, the bed is one of the biggest surfaces in the room - if there's colour on it, then the whole room will feel new. Or you can simply update the cushions on your bed - I love these Indian textiles below by Chandan-Whittle. My favourite ? The Chahna Cushion. The textiles are made by female artisans who use traditional techniques such as loom hand weaving and embroidery as well as modern screen printing, using ethically sourced local material.

Image Credit: Carley Page Summers

Image Credit: Carley Page Summers

Image Credit: Carley Page Summers

Image Credit: Carley Page Summers

2. Plants

Did you know that by adding plants in your photos on instagram you are more likely to get those much wanted/needed likes? It is true, especially when hashtags like #plantladyisthenewcatlady are totally taking off. I am talking about real plants, faux plants, succulents, air plants and everything in between.

Why the sudden plant craze? Who knows. Abigail Ahern started it all with her faux plants that came in all shapes and sizes and started popping up in major instagram accounts two years ago, whereas nowadays the new plants by post and plant subscription accounts like Geofleur, patch Plants and Roots all engage directly with consumers and create their own little tribes around them.

We saw plants in living rooms, hallways and even over bathtubs! And as for me - I used them (real and faux in the office most recently.

Artificial Yucca in Black Pot, £22 | Hanging artificial plant, from £15.50 | Black Metal Hanging Planter H55, £22 | Potted Artificial Monstera on Black Base, £36.50 |

3. Lighting

Lighting can definitely make or break a space. If your theme is summer-y then consider bright coloured shades or texture for your light fixtures.

Black metal pineapple light fixture

makrame pendant light bedroom bohemian

4. Baskets

Get all bohemian with these beautiful baskets, perfect for keeping clutter at bay. I use them to store throws and make up, but if you have enough space, these also make wonderful planters. Our favourite? The Keita Round Woven Seagrass Basket.

5. Mirrors

These cute mirrors are perfect for last minute checks before you leave the bedroom. We like the idea of clusters of mirrors (works with round mirrors or different sizes). Rattan mirrors are perfect for bohemian decor. We love these Daisy-Shape Mirrors from La Redoute.

Matte Gold Metal Mirror 20x40 ANANAS, £16.50 | Rattan Flower Mirror, £22 | Round Metal Wall Mirror with Fringing, £16.50 | Round Rattan Mirror , £18 | White Rattan Flower Mirror, £44 | Round Mirror with Beige Cotton Fringing, £8

white rattan flower mirror



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