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23 Cool Kitchen Gadgets for 2022

A kitchen is often seen as the most practical room of a home and because of this, there are so many useful gadgets that add to this very practicality. Kitchens get the most active use, so they not only need utensils and tools for cooking but products for cleaning, as all that use will mean kitchens get dirty quickly.

Some of the best kitchen gadgets to make use of, come to complement and offer aid in both the cooking aspect as well as the cleaning. These genius products will help you become a better cook or host. You never knew you needed them until right now!


1. Breville Hand Mixer with HeatSoft

A mixer in the kitchen is always handy, but the Breville has a model that can prove to be even more useful. With a built-in heater this mixer is capable of softening butter straight out of the fridge, because, let’s be honest, we almost always forget to take it out of the fridge ahead of time.

2. Water filter

Water is something very often used in the kitchen for both cooking and cleaning. Depending on the water’s source, quality will vary, as tap and well water are not the same. Both sources may require some sort of filtration, thus comes the task of figuring out things like what would be the best filter pitcher for well water.

filter pitcher for well water review

3. A smart kitchen tap

“4 in 1 taps are ingenious; they’ll give you boiling water, filtered drinking water, plus normal hot and cold flows. So, you have one kitchen tap that does everything – from making instant cuppas and refilling your water bottle to the washing up" says Alex Rowe, Director at QETTLE, who make beautiful 4 in 1 and true 100C boiling water kitchen taps.

4. Smooth Touch Can Opener

A perfect tool to make opening cans that much easier come in the form of a can opener. With this product anyone can easily open those pesky cans, even using just one hand. It’s designed to be tall so that it can fit even large cans that may have otherwise not been able to fit.

5. Wine Accessories

Besides the obvious bottle opener, there are a few other nifty wine accessories that come in handy with wine consumption. To start, an aerator that goes on the bottle and helps in releasing alcohol molecules into the air so that it carries the flavor better. Another useful tool can be found in a wine sealer kit that will keep the wine bottle preserved if the bottle is not entirely consumed.

Wine sealer kit kitchen gadgets

6. Ninja Foodie Air Fryer

When it comes to using an air fryer is a great choice for any kitchen. Ninja has a wide variety of air fryers and they can be very quick to cook food and it does not need oil to do so. Healthy and versatile, many customers even use it to dehydrate fruit for teas or cereal.

Ninja air fryer kitchen gadgets

7. Cooling Rolling Pin

Rolling out the dough can be a hassle especially since it tends to get sticky, but a specially designed rolling pin with a cooling feature helps with this. The chamber of the pin can be filled with ice or very cold water and it’s good to go. This will allow the pin to roll the dough without the risk of sticking.

8. Vacuum Sealer

A vacuum sealer is a great device to help perverse food and avoid throwing away or wasting food. A sealer not only preserves food for longer but also saves up on space in the freezer and fridge.

9. Magnetic Knife Holder

Keeping knives and even kitchen scissors organized is somewhat more difficult when trying to use a drawer. This is where a magnetic knife holder comes in very handy and keeps everything not just out of the way but easy to quickly make use of when needed.

10. Electric Spice Grinder

A spice grinder in the kitchen can be used for more than just grinding spice. Coffee and even sugar can be ground very nicely with a good quality grinder. Easily make icing sugar and use a powder shaker to decorate cakes.

11. Microwave Steam Cleaner

A creative way to help clean the microwave is the small water container designed in the form of an angry mama that holds a mixture of water of vinegar. Placing this in the microwave will make it easier to clean than just scrubbing.

microwave steam clean angry mama

12. Universal Lids

It’s never easy finding the right lid for a specific pot and in some circumstances; this might not even be an option. Frying pans never really come with lids, and using a universal lid may be the only option.

13. Electric Milk Frother

A perfect little gadget for anyone that likes cappuccinos, but does not have a coffee machine. An electric milk frother is perfect for foaming up milk and offering the next best thing to a coffee machine with a built-in milk steamer. Smeg is a brand that makes these kinds of devices and many vouch for them.

SMEG electric milk frother

14. Cooking Thermometer

A cooking thermometer is useful for many things in the kitchen. There are temperature charts for cooking meat and this can be easily checked with a cooking thermometer. This kind of device will also prove handy when checking milk frothing temperature for the perfect cappuccino.

15. French Press

A french press is a highly coveted means of making a great coffee. There are stainless steel french press devices that take it a step further as it also keeps the coffee warm for longer than the classic glass press would.

16. Blender

A staple of kitchen gadgets, a blender is a great tool to have in the kitchen. Whether for smoothies, sauces, or alcoholic drinks a blender makes it far easier and faster, especially with a powerful tool.

17. Knife Sharpener

A knife sharpener can make a dull knife cut like brand new again. In time knives will become dull and a nifty little tool like a suction cup or anti-slip bottomed knife sharpener will be highly useful.

18. Perforated Baking Tray

A perforated baking tray makes for a great baking tool as it allows air circulation and uniformly cooks the dough. It’s great for pastry dough and even pizza or bread, but not softer dough, like cake as it will drip out.

19. Cold Brew Coffee Device

Cold brew coffee is quite expensive to buy in stores or coffee shops, so why not make it at home. Cold brew coffee is a commitment as it takes a while to brew it, luckily there are devices specifically to help with exactly this. Not only is it a great help in brewing but also keeps the brew secure and provides a nice drip feature to pour out only as much as needed.

20. Spiralizer

A great meal helping tool, a spiralizer brings practicality and convenience to healthy food. Either for slicing vegetables or making veggie noodles, this tool can help make chopping easier.

21. Salad Dressing Mixer

From vinaigrettes to oil-based dressings, a simple salad mixer offers a great way to combine everything smoothly. Every spice will thus be nicely integrated and provide the full range of its flavor.

22. Mechanical Pasta Maker

A great addition for pasta enthusiasts, a mechanical pasta maker helps both with pressing and stretching the dough as well as cutting it into thin strips. Great for making fresh pasta and even lasagna sheets, a tool such as this will be very useful.

mechanical pasta maker

23. Cleaning Sponge Gloves

Doing the dishes can be a hassle and any little help will prove invaluable. Cleaning sponge cloves come in handy as they both protect the hands and provide the same benefits as a cleaning sponge. It also makes it far easier to scrub everything with more dexterity than with a regular rectangular sponge.

cleaning sponge gloves



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