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5 Functional Designer Pieces as Home Décor

Have you recently looked around your home and thought that you need to add a little colour or spruce things up a bit? Now, home design is a broad topic, but one thing is for sure. Decorating with functional items is a great way to elevate your home design in every room. In this article, we shall look at five functional designer items you can use to uplift your home décor. Let’s get the ball rolling.

Main image: Bud Vases from £10,


1. A Sleek Electric Kettle

Wouldn’t you like to whip up a piping hot pot of coffee as soon as you get up? Or take a quick shower without having to step over the shower curtain? What about just having a nice relaxing cuppa tea on a cold winter’s day?

Well, if that sounds anything like you, a sleek electric kettle could be what you need in your kitchen. Available in several colors and capacities, the electric kettles on the Smeg Home Appliances collection are worth taking a look at.

And unlike a traditional kettle, you don’t have to wait for it to boil before you pour. Be sure to pick one that matches your countertop or the rest of your kitchen décor. You can even match it with other functional kitchen tools, from the coffee maker to the toaster, blender, and more.

Clockwise from top left: Sowden Kettle Wasserkocher Hay, €109,; Le’Xpress 2 Litres Whistling Kettle; Alessi Michael Graves Kettle - Black Edition, $275,; Emma Bridgewater Polka Dot Kettle for Russell Hobbs, £79.99; Cuisinart 2 Slice Toaster, Pebble, £60, And Jug Kettle, Pebble, £50, £50, ; Sowden Kettle Wasserkocher Hay, as before; Alessi Electric Water Kettle Plissé White 1.7 ltr, $229.9,


2. A Designer Wall Clock

If the walls in your living room feel a bit wanting, you have more than enough reasons to get a stunning designer clock. Apart from allowing you to tell the time in a flash, a wall clock can also add an element of art into any room.

Moreover, the stylish clock can be placed in any other room in your home as well, including the bedroom, kitchen, or even the guest room.

Above: Hedgehog Clock, £27.95,; Wall Clock 'Hue' Caramel Brown, £85, ; Eye Candy Wall Clock, £145,; Orange Aika Wall Hanging Pendulum Clock, £159, ; Luggage Wall Clock (2), £65,; Yellow AnimalHouse kids wall or mantel clock by KooKoo, $149.5,


3. A Colourful Ceramic Vase or Two

There are numerous ways to decorate with ceramic materials, thanks to their durability and weight. If you need some functionality added to the elements of décor, consider getting one or several ceramic vases that you could use to display certain objects that add some oomph to your interior design.

For instance, you could use it to hang a lamp or maybe place some flowers or plants inside. Alternatively, you could go for one of those trendy plant pots if you prefer having a green friend in your home. When choosing ceramic vases, go for a design and color that complements well with the rest of your décor.

Above: CharlesTed Henley Aged Vase, £52.5; Ceramic Retro Lava Vase, £29, ; Darius Stoneware Vase, £54.95, ; Glass Vase Range , £24 ; Retro Vase, Amber Brown Glass, €19, ; Sphere Vase Sand, £238, ; Maia Collection Vase - Ola Handle Vase, £275, ; Sala - Ribbed Ceramic Table Vase, Red, £39.95,; NEW Monochrome Splatter Vase, £35,


4. Wooden Coat Rack

A coat rack is a great way to store your belongings and it’s even a great way to add some color to your hallway, utility room, bedroom, or bathroom. Some come with extra compartments or racks where you can hang your pjs, your favourite tee shirts, and even slippers.

Above: Sahin Nature Cane Coat Rack, £41.5,, Beaumonde; Ambroise Wall Coat rack Wandgarderobe Hartô, €169, ; Fia Metal Coat Rack, Brass, £59,, Cult Furniture; Eichholtz Varadero Coatrack - Brass, £330,, Sweetpea & Willow; Hand-carved Galah Wall Hook by Wildlife Garden, $46.9, ; Gold Rock On Hand art Wall Decor , £16.95, , AUDENZA


5. A Set of Wine Glasses

You don’t have to be a wine connoisseur or host weekend parties often to have wine glasses in your home. While they’re designed to prevent wine spillage when swirling, the design is also visually appealing to any onlooker.

This is why many people artfully display fancy wine glasses to add some style into their space. From StandArt to Schott Zwiesel, the wine glass market offers plenty of stunning designs that will surely help elevate your home’s kitchen or living area.

Above: Wine Glasses Emerald Green Set of 4, £44.95, , Quince & Cook; Red Candy - Peacock Wine Glass - Set of 2, £26, , Red Candy; BICOS – WHITE WINE GLASS, £16, , Micucci Interiors; Mikasa Cheers Metallic Gold Set Of 4 Wine Glasses, £28, ; Set of 2 Lavender Wine Goblets, £14.95, , Dibor; Garden Trading Set Of 4 Berkeley Wine Glasses In Smoke , £28, , Garden Trading



Decorating your home with designer pieces is undeniably a good idea if you wish to add an exciting and elegant aesthetic to your space. This means getting creative, and the options of designer items you can use are literally endless.

The above are a few of the many options you might want to consider if at all functionality and aesthetics are what concerns you.


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