5 things that we want for Halloween

Halloween is a time for sharing candy, eating copious amounts of it in fact, having fun with the kids and playing dress up. Oh and decorating your home to spook or delight your neighbours. Here are 5 things that we would like to try this Halloween.

1. Dressing up in Corpse Bride costume and make up

If you have not come across Corpse Bride before, this is a 2005 movie (stop-motion animated style!) that was directed by Tim Burton.

In the movie, which is set in England, Emily is a corpse that comes to life when a groom-to-be (Victor) places his wedding ring on a root while practising his wedding vows. Emily, rises from her grave and takes Victor to the Land of the Dead claiming to be his wife, revealing to him that she was murdered years ago on the night she secretly eloped.

Here are three YouTube videos showing how to re-create Emily's unique look.

2. Floating Candles a la Hogwarts

If you are a fun of Harry Potter, then the floating candles that light up the dining room in Hogwarts is an instantly recognisable HP movie feature but how could you try to re-create this look at home without magic and without risking setting everything on fire?

Surprisingly, there are candles out there like this flying candle designed by Georg Baldele in 1996, a candle made from white special wax, and attached with 1.15 metre candle wire and 3 metre suspension wire. It burns for approx. 20 hours and self-extinguishes.

Argos in the UK are selling something a little less elegant but electricity powered so you won't fear at least that your home insurance is about to be invalidated...

3. High Quality Chocolate Drinks

This year we will not be decorating our house outside. I don't think that any sane parent would take their child around the neighbour in the middle of a pandemic, nor do I think that they would be welcome (total bah humbug me, I know).

So instead of spending money on decorations and cheap chocolate treats, why not spend it on a Chocolate Velvetiser (that's an actual machine people) from Hotel Chocolat. At £99.95 it doesn't come cheap but this is a kitchen tool you'll use for years to come.

Imagined by Hotel Chocolat and engineered by Dualit, this chic hot chocolate machine creates barista-grade hot chocolate, made with real grated chocolate flakes, in just 2.5 minutes.

4. Halloween cookies from Biscuiteers

Artisan biscuit maker Biscuiteers has created a Halloween special – the Haunted House Biscuit Tin. The luxury chocolate biscuits are hand-iced in London and made from a unique recipe based on a traditional twice baked English biscuit.

5. No carve pumpkins

Carving your pumpkins can create quite the mess so instead paint yours with any leftover paint you have around your home. You can also dress your pumpkins big and small in decorative napkins following this tutorial using mod podge.

After Halloween is over, use your pumpkin(s) to make amazing pumpkin soup or crazy easy pumpkin pie! Or you can try and make these gorgeous looking pumpkin cakes:

Based in London,  United Kingdom,  Jenny Kakoudakis is the founder, 

creative director and writer behind Seasonsincolour.com

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