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Are Boiling, Filtered and Cold Water Taps Worth it?

When the first hot water taps hit the markets years ago, everyone felt like it was time to say goodbye to kettles and make space on kitchen worktops for other more interesting appliances.

Nowadays, smart taps deliver more than just perfectly boiled water. But are they really worth the money and which ones are the best entry level taps if you want one for your existing or new kitchen?

Before installing an expensive tap, make sure that the water pressure in your home matches the requirements of the manufacturer. You can usually check this when repairing your central heating and boiler - visit 247 Boiler Repair Man for 24/7 quality services in your boilers at home.

What are Instant Boiling Water Taps?

Instant boiling water taps are supplied together with a mini boiler (usually anything between 2-5 litre capacity) that can heat water to a specific temperature in seconds.

If you love tea or coffee and don't want to wait for the kettle to do its thing, then all you need is one of these taps in your life. And yes, they are quick and simple to use: press a button and boiling hot water is immediately dispensed.

A boiling water tap is definitely a feature in any kitchen. And no matter what style your kitchen is, you can be sure to find a boiling water tap that matches the design as they are available in many colours and finishes such as gold, brass, platinum and even bright colours like pink and white.

Importantly, with the average person boiling a kettle 4 times per day at an average boil time of 85 seconds, an Instant Boiling Water Tap would save 1.4 days every year by simply waiting for the kettle to boil.