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Bathroom Renovation: Small changes, big impact

A fresh-looking bathroom can make a massive difference to your everyday life. It doesn’t matter if you’re prepping your home for sale or simply letting the wind of change to pass through, there’s so much that you can do to transform a bathroom. But perhaps one mistake that many people get drawn to is thinking that change has to be on a grand scale.

You know something? It really doesn’t. In fact, some of the most effective changes you can make are also the smallest. Don’t believe for a second that relatively minor efforts go unnoticed either. With the perfect addition or that long overdue clear-out, a space can really be rejuvenated. And that’s important, because – after all – the bathroom is the next most important room after the kitchen for adding value.

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Fittings… like a glove

So, it’s about knowing where to start, isn’t it – and what’ll make the biggest impact. In many bathrooms, fixtures and fittings can feel like mundane afterthoughts. But get them wrong and you’ll soon notice them. Not in a good way, either. Get them right? Well, the results will often speak for themselves.

Let’s take a bathroom mirror, for example. You could be fooled into thinking that any old style or design will do. But a mirror can bring new light to a bathroom and give it the airy feel that’s just so divine. It could be that your mirror reflects the natural light from a window. Or, if that’s not possible, placing a mirror near light sources has a wonderful amplifying effect.

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