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Chelsea Flower Show inspired interiors

The most prestigious flower show in the UK (if not the world over) never disappoints. My 2017 visit to the show definitely left me wanting more so it's with great delight that I will be returning this year as a guest of Bridgman (I worked with them while reviewing their faux flowers range in 2018). This post is to highlight smaller brands that exhibit in the show which you can find online and shop from, all from the comfort of your sofa.

Amanda Ross

Amanda Ross creates botanical images of extreme clarity and beauty printing directly from pressed plant cuttings. A self-confessed plant killer and useless gardener, she constructs her ideal gardens and landscapes using greenery collected from many walks, selected gardens and the occasional 'liberated snippet'.

Drawing on her textile background she uses textile inks, fabrics, paper, and plants from her pressed collection to produce these artworks. A collector of reminders, her plant library has grown from pieces sourced on her travels, both abroad and in the UK, from site-specific vegetation to whatever catches her eye.

Products that caught my eye include this Woodland Chopping Board and her artwork, including these square giclee prints.


I know it's not very sexy but sometimes function must come before form. Keep all your tools neatly in place with these sturdy tool racks from Agriframes which deliver 100%. if only our tools looked this clean all the time!!

Burgon & Ball

If you do like function but also love form, then look no further than Burgon & Ball, for whose collection I am willing to give my shed a makeover yet again. Which basically means to clean the halloween themed decor which has been in situ since 2017 (though the problem with that is that I have so many fake spider webs in there that I am utterly convinced that actual spiders (big hairy ones) have now moved in. Eeek.

Charles Farris Luxury Candles

Hand poured into a larger beautiful textured glass, for those who just can’t get enough. The perfect statement candle for any home, meant to relax, comfort, and inspire you. Made in England, this 3 wick candle burns perfectly and last up to 80 hours. Try Tuberose, Jasmine & Ylang Ylang.

Follow them on Insta.


Jim Lawrence is a great British business success story – a family run business, set up on a farmhouse kitchen table, that in just 20 years has grown to be one of the country’s leading lighting and home furnishings retailers. I absolutely love the ribbed pendant light shown below.

Have you visited Chelsea Flower Show and what do you think about the whole experience ?



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