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Have you heard of the cowboy aesthetic in interiors? While the American Frontier officially closed in 1890, cowboy culture went on, and still inspires us. In interiors, this style includes a particular vibe that is easy to implement with a few key pieces around your home. Think of jeans, checked shirts, large posters of horses and cows, Grand Canyon, leather as fabric, and lots of comfort.

Adding the cowboy vibes in your bedroom

Decorating your bedroom to the cowboy aesthetic is very easy.

  • Keep the decor minimal.

  • Use linen bedsheets

  • Add cushions in leather and cotton, for texture

  • Get large prints of horses or cows or canyons.

  • Palette: off-white, black and tan colours will work great together to bring the scheme to life.

Cowboy Aesthetic Interiors bedroom with horse poster

Cowboy Aesthetic Interiors bedroom with cow poster

Cowboy Aesthetic Interiors bedroom with cow poster

Adding the cowboy vibes in your living room

Decorating your living room a la Wild West is fun! You can try

  • Leather sofas in tan colour

  • Mix cushions in white and blue

  • Add cowhide rugs

  • Leather poufs

  • Real or faux cactuses

Cowboy Posters

  • If you want to add high resolution images for your wall gallery, try downloading some free photos with this theme - I usually find a lot of inspirational photos on UNSPLASH.

  • Don't just think of horses and cows - think outside the box. We love this photo of a bride wearing boots with her wedding gown!

Cowboy Aesthetic Interiors dining room with horse poster


Finished in cowhide print material, faux cowhide furniture have an incredibly realistic look and a soft finish that you won't want to stop stroking! With smooth lines and a retro, vintage style feel, they can compliment your Wild West look.

Sources for ranch style furniture

Cowboy Aesthetic Interiors living room

Cowboy Aesthetic Interiors living room


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