Design challenge - Ensuite Bathroom

This is going to be one of many posts focused on the room that seems to get the least love in our house: the bathroom. Although our home is rather big, the bathrooms are tiny. The 'family' bathroom only has a shower while the ensuite has outdated sanitary ware that are just hard to look at. The good thing is that we are planning to renovate both bathrooms this year.

Our plan is to convert my current office into a family bathroom while our existing ensuite and family bathrooms will be joined up to create a longer bathroom that covers our needs better. Don't be fooled however; the new bathroom will still be quite narrow at 175cm. It just about fits a nice bathtub. This will require bringing down the existing wall between the two and blocking the door that goes into the current family bathroom. The design below shows the new ensuite bathroom. Well, in theory.

To maximise space, I am looking at wall-hung basins and maybe some type of wall drawers just below too. Here's on possible layout. The lack of tiling options in the 3D Designer means this is the best I could design so far.

So while looking for wall hung units I came across Catalano. Founded in 1967, Catalano is today the first Italian company able to offer the highest productive quality in the Made in Italy sanitary-ware sector.

Quality is taken as a moral commitment in every stage of the manufacturing process.The full potential of our production machines is used with the utmost efficiency and respecting the environment Catalano’s industrial plants are distinguished by a very high degree of automation; molding, finishing and handling operations are carried out with the latest-generation robotic systems. All processes lay on a productive logistics aimed to the maximum savings of energy and resources.

Catalano invests and produces only in Italy, where each product is conceived, designed, and produced, to ensure an inimitable standard of excellence: the production philosophy of the company has always been addressed to achieve a whole-Italian quality.

CATALANO covers all the below styles with contemporary designs so why not have a look at their product offering like I did ? You can find them here. CP Hart also has Catalano products so you can also check here. As for our ensuite? I'll keep you posted!



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