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Easy win interiors New Year Resolutions

Easy win interiors New Year Resolutions

New Year resolutions often have to do with how we look (is weight loss on your list too?) and how much we want to (not) spend or places we want to visit (my bucket list is a mile long). Most of them are easier said than done and more often than not our resolves have been given up as early as the first two weeks of January.

Goal setting is not for everyone, but if your targets are realistic it is likely you will attain them for much longer. Here are my top three tried and tested resolutions to help you beat the January blues and give you and your family some interiors zen throughout 2019.

1. I will keep a tidy home

A tidy home is good for your mental health. According to this study, women with untidy houses have high levels of cortisol (the hormone indicating stress) while those who participated in the experiment and had stressful home scores also had increased depressed mood. Yikes.

It's no wonder. A heap of clothes on the ottoman opposite our bed was a regular feature throughout last year in my home.

I will spare you the photographic evidence, but the reality is that this mountain kept getting taller throughout the week, and on occasion it would not get cleared over the weekend. The husband got upset, while I kept postponing cleaning up (he will not clean up after my mess, and why should he!). Just looking at the mess would give me a headache. Moving the mess from one room to another was not a resolution. I ended up having the first 'mess' sprawled on the guest bed while a second re-appeared on the ottoman.

I made the commitment that no clothes would be left overnight on the ottoman. To this effect, I added a tray with a vase of fresh flowers on it as well as a couple candles. Now, I had nowhere to leave the clothes on, so I got into the habit of folding and putting them away, before changing into my pjs. It worked and I have not looked back since. Oh, and it was an excuse to keep the fresh flowers in the bedroom, which made everything look and feel fresher. Success.