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Garage conversion: 4 Steps to Remodel Your Garage Into an Incredible Summer Hang-out Spot

As the summer season approaches, temperatures are settling into a comfortable range, and you should be looking for more ways to maximize your enjoyment of the great outdoors. If your yard space is lacking, you might consider a garage conversion or remodel to upgrade your garage space into a space you can use, at least for the summertime. Here are a few simple steps that could give you the indoor-outdoor area of your dreams.

Remember that permanently converting your garage may require permission and must comply with the latest Building Regulations - check with your local planning authority! There are many changes you can make around your home to improve how it is used and some home improvement do not even need planning permission.

Garage conversion playroom idea with a kid playing and sofas

1. Garage conversion: look at the flooring

Cracked and stained concrete is not exactly a hallmark of high-quality interior design. Before your garage can feel like a sumptuous summer hang-out space, the flooring needs to look and feel clean and sophisticated. Fortunately, there are several ways to elevate your garage flooring.

If you hope to maintain your garage as an indoor-outdoor space year-round, then check with planning first. If you are to replace the garage door by building a new wall and adding a window for natural lighting then you can take drastic action with your flooring too.

For example, you can cover the concrete in more traditional interior coverings, like tile or wood. It might be wise to choose a durable flooring that is easy to clean, considering that garages tend to be poorly insulated and likely to attract dust and dirt during high traffic in the summer months.

If you expect to shift your garage back into a vehicle storage space at the end of the warm months, you might not want to invest in floor coverings rated for interior use, which are likely to become dirty and damaged under car tires.

You might opt for epoxy, which is an exceedingly durable paint that gives the entire floor an attractive sheen. Epoxy effectively covers all sorts of stains and defects in concrete, and epoxy paint will not chip or stain, even under heavy use by vehicles.

You can choose an epoxy color that suits your interior aesthetic, and you can layer the floor with removable rugs that enhance the coziness of the space during summertime.

Garage conversion playroom idea with storage space and desk space

2. Invest in organization for the perfect garage conversion

More likely than not, you use your garage for storage. However, you cannot use your garage as a summertime indoor-outdoor space if all the space is taken up by haphazard stacks of boxes that won’t fit into your interior closets and cupboards. To make your garage conversion a success, you need to devise an organization system that makes your garage usable and attractive during the summer season.

To start, you should spend some time sorting through the items stored in your garage to get rid of possessions you no longer need. Once you have reduced your storage needs as much as possible, you should invest in an organization system that will improve the look and accessibility of your stored belongings.

You might line one wall of your garage with cabinets, into which you can tuck labeled boxes. You can create storage walls with hooks and shelves, and you can take advantage of overhead space for your bulkiest items.

There are almost unlimited options for organizing your garage, so you can find the solution that suits you.

Garage conversion playroom idea

3. Install New Doors and Windows

Typically, garages do not have many sources of natural light beyond the garage door. If you are permanently transforming your garage into a usable space (with the planning authority's blessing), you might consider creating more opportunities for sunshine to filter in by installing windows into your garage wall when removing the garage door. This will help your garage conversion long term.

It might also be wise to install one or more regular doors in your garage, as opening and closing the garage door every time you want to access your summertime hang-out space might become inconvenient.

Garage conversion playroom idea

4. Add Lighting

In addition to increasing natural light, you likely need to add more electric light to your garage space. Often, garages are only illuminated by the light attached to the garage door. You might consider installing recessed lights in the ceiling, especially if you want your garage to function as an indoor-outdoor game room.

For a more sumptuous indoor-outdoor ambiance, you might install dimmable wall sconces, which offer attractive illumination without cluttering the floor with cords.

While you are working on the electrical, you might consider adding large ceiling fans to your garage. Ceiling fans increase air circulation in a space, which can help keep summer temperatures cool and comfortable. Many ceiling fans have light kits attached, so you can install functional temperature control and illumination with a single fixture.

Once you have made the necessary upgrades to your garage, you can fill it with indoor-outdoor furniture and other décor. Then, your garage is ready to be used all summer long as the hang-out space of your dreams.

Garage conversion playroom idea

Garage conversion playroom idea


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