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How I used bold wallpaper to elevate my home decor

Camelia wallpaper Little Greene, Flos wall light, round mirror, dining room, table setting

Running this blog for some time now I have come across beautiful wallpaper brands that produce stunning designs for all styles and budgets. But it was not until 2016 that I started using wallpaper in our home. Like many, I feared that putting up wallpaper meant I would not be able to change decor as often as I would like. Beautiful wallpapers that I absolutely ADORED came and went out of production and still I would not make the leap. But then one day, I decided that I had to be brave about it and just GET ON WITH IT.

Wallpaper adds luxury in a room. Have you noticed how most boutique hotels always include it in their design? Take a look at Kit Kemp's designs for the Firmdale Hotels chain for example. There's different wallpaper in every room, yet the result is never busy.

At home, the designs you can use could be fun, adventurous or serious, based on a repeat pattern (like in this mid-century home office) or a mural covering an entire wall (like I have done in my office). You can even give your walls a 3D effect with some papers, like this genius paper designed by INKA in Finland and aptly called Cutlery!

The Before Photos & Moodboard


The room I wanted to use wallpaper in was the dining room. This is a north-east facing room that has terrible light during the morning but lots of it in the afternoon. It is a good size room and benefits from patio doors that open up into the garden as well as a side wall to ceiling window. The best thing about the room, is the garden view. And that's where it all stopped.