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How to Make a Luxury Apartment Cozy

Apartment living is unique from other housing in that it brings you into a denser area, often with all the amenities you need close by. In a downtown location, many of these residences are higher-end, and you want to decorate them in a way that fits the venue.

Turning a fancy apartment into a comfortable and intimate space can be challenging if you lack natural design flair. The last thing you want is to spend money on furniture and decor that falls short of your building's grandeur. 

This doesn't need to stop you from creating the casual oasis you deserve. You can transform your high-end home into a luxurious, relaxing hideaway with some guidance.

This is how to make a luxury apartment cozy.

How to Make a Luxury Apartment Cozy

Concentrate on Lighting

Luxury apartments boast large windows with natural light and stunning views. Once the globe turns into the evening, you must use interior illumination to set the tone.

Creating a cozy environment starts with the proper lighting. You don't want to make the space too bright because it loses its intimacy and allure, so forget about overhead and ambient lighting. Concentrate on accent and task lighting sources like:

·      Wall sconces

·      Recessed lighting

·      Track lighting

·      Lamps

Accent lighting provides the right brightness for a cozy environment and draws attention to only certain places in the room. It can be used to enhance artwork, architectural elements, and even special decorative collections and antiques.

Task lighting concentrates illumination for reading or home office work, adding enough light to do the desired tasks in a particular room or area.

Use Decor to Set the Mood

Coziness is about casual comfort, but luxury apartments offer an upgraded balance. To create the right environment, pick decor items that complement your personality. This could mean using a neutral palette to make colourful fabrics and patterns pop or more muted tones and plush textures.

High-end furniture can still feel amazing, so you can build a theme or mix and match leather, fabric and wood for an eclectic boho vibe. This is your home, so the mood should reflect your fantastic style.

How to Make a Luxury Apartment Cozy

Add Natural Elements and Colours

Using nature's colour wheel is soothing and warm; you can bring that outdoor canvas into your luxurious apartment. 

There are many ways to add natural elements to your home. Walls can be painted in warm colours like brown, yellow, green, blue and pink. These occur in nature and can extend indoors as well. It also adds a comforting backdrop to the rest of the decor, especially when it is slatted, with wooden walls and ceilings.

You can buy new furniture pieces or redo old ones with shades that complement or contrast the walls. Beyond the colours are natural elements to bring inside. Wood is suitable for flooring, feature walls, and shelving. Wooden furniture provides that natural touch and comes in different shades and stains.

Prioritize the Bedroom

Your bedroom is where you rest and recover from your busy life, and it should be the most comfortable room. Spoil yourself with an elegant bedroom set that fits the room without crowding it. This will allow for additional design elements and pieces you want to include.

Get some plush bedding with warm colours and many pillows to surround you. Remember, this room is not just for you; intimate moments need a pampered area for fun play and intense connections. 

Include a thick rug to hit the floor comfortably and carry the cozy theme into your bathroom with spa-like amenities. Dip candles and bath bombs into a hot tub to soothe the body and mind.

Add Layers of Warmth

To make your apartment cozy, you need many warm elements to keep it inviting and restful. Add drapes to frame the windows and give you privacy when needed. Rugs are always on the cozy list because they add comfort and colour to the room.

Extra pillows and blankets make gatherings more special and movie nights perfectly plush. Plants also thicken up the room without clutter. This adds living entities to your space, and they grow with you while making your home more in tune with nature.

This is how to make a luxury apartment cozy. Add these elements, one at a time and see where your creative ideas take you. This new comforting setting can be dynamic and change over time as you do, so embrace it and enjoy your new oasis.


Jenny Kakoudakis

Jenny Kakoudakis likes to blog about interiors and lifestyle. She launched award-winning Seasons in Colour in 2014. When she is not chasing criminals out of the financial system (her day job), she gets creative by redecorating her own home.

Download her free bathroom renovation guide here.


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