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How to Set Up a Home Office Space in a Hurry: 5 Tips

In recent years, the world has learned one big lesson the hard way, since the global pandemic-covid-19 struck). More and more organizations are embracing the working from home model, which guarantees perks like increased flexibility, comfort, and a more personalized work environment.

These perks can be enjoyed by both entrepreneurs and their employees. However, there comes a time when you need to set up shop in your home ASAP – whether that's due to an urgent project or unexpected circumstances.

In such cases, it's essential to know how to create a suitable and accommodating workspace that guarantees efficiency, albeit quickly and effectively.

Let's dive into some practical tips for setting up your home office with speed and ease. But first things first, right?

How to Set Up a Home Office Space in a Hurry: 5 Tips

Image credit: Penman Interiors

Quick Perks of Having a Home Office

Working from home provides proven benefits. These range, at the very least, from increased flexibility, minimal commute stress, and better work-life balance. Moreover, you can save time and money on transportation. If we consider a well-designed home office, these advantages can be amplified.

For example, having an ergonomic setup with proper lighting allows you to work more comfortably and efficiently. An organized workspace boosts productivity and also helps maintain focus. This is all the more reason to take the time and effort to design your ideal home office carefully. It's worth it.

How to Set Up a Home Office Space in a Hurry

Image credit: Stiff and Trevillion

Setting Up a Home Office Space in a Hurry: 5 Crucial Tips

1. Consider Renting Office Furniture for a Few Weeks or Months

Instead of spending time and money on permanent solutions right away, explore furniture rental options for your home office.

Renting allows you to try out different setups and discover what works best for your needs over time as you aim at committing to custom office furniture. It also gives you the flexibility to adjust and adapt as your needs change over time.

2. Prioritize Essential Functionality

Think about
  • Your desk and chair

  • Storage

  • Lighting

When setting up your home office in a hurry, focus on the essentials needed for productivity and comfort. Start with a sturdy standing desk, ergonomic chair, proper lighting, and a storage solution like shelves or filing cabinets.

Once you've arranged these critical pieces of furniture in their optimal positions, work on customizing the space further. for example, you might want to invest on a cable management solution to hide unruly cables and a desk-tidy to make sure your worktop is always in good order.

How to Set Up a Home Office Space in a Hurry

Image credit: 3W design, inc.

3. Adjust Lighting and Reduce Glare

Think about
  • Desk placement in the room

  • How sun light might hit your computer screen

  • Task lights

Proper lighting is crucial when creating an effective workspace at home - it impacts mood, focus, energy levels, and even our physical well-being! The first thing to consider is where your desk or workspace will be placed in a room.

It can be really tempting to place it next to a window but depending on your home's position in respect of the sun's daily movement you might want to reconsider. For example, in a South facing room, placing a desk in front of your window will result in the sun hitting your eyes throughout the working day.

Once you sort out the placement of your workspace, you need to make arrangements for a task light, to help provide enough lighting on darker days.

The most important design aspect is to minimize glare on your screen by positioning it at a right angle to the light source. Consider adding blinds or curtains for better control of natural light, and make sure any artificial lighting is adjustable to suit various tasks. If you can't afford blinds or curtains, consider window stickers in a frosted effect. These can diffuse light.

How to Set Up a Home Office Space in a Hurry

Image Credit: Neville Johnson Ltd

4. Establish Boundaries and Maintain Organization

In a hurried setup, it's easy for your office and living spaces to blend together. To avoid distractions, create clear boundaries between your work area and the rest of your home: define your workspace with rugs or room dividers, if possible.

Keep your desk clutter-free with organizers for stationery and essential items, making sure everything has its place to maintain order day-to-day.

How to Set Up a Home Office Space in a Hurry

Image credit: Andrew Child Architecture

5. Invest in Technology and Connectivity

An efficient home office requires reliable technology – so double-check that you have a fast internet connection, Wi-Fi coverage throughout your space, and updated software on all devices.

You might also want to ensure you've got the right gadgets like headphones or speakers for video calls, along with adequate outlets, chargers, and other accessories located conveniently nearby.

Investing in these essentials will reduce stress during work hours while enabling streamlined communication with clients or (remote) coworkers.


To sum up, setting up a home office doesn’t have to feel like rocket science. It is manageable and efficient if you prioritize essentials and organization. Simple adjustments make a big difference in achieving productivity. Embrace working from home by tailoring your space to fit your needs.



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