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Kitchen design - elegant materials

Raise your hand if you like an inspiring kitchen design. Well I have an inspirational model here from Modiani Kitchens. Modiani Kitchens is a luxury kitchen cabinet designer with a beautiful kitchen design showroom in Englewood, New Jersey. The kitchen designers at Modiani Kitchens have over twenty years’ experience with European and American kitchen design, kitchen remodeLling, architecture, and interior design. They are passionate about the relationship between art and function, and work personally with each client to create unique and outstanding kitchen and interior spaces.

I found the Cesar - Cloe, a bold and refined model clad in tasteful, elegant materials on the Modiani Kitchens website. This model hasn’t forgotten functionality: its exclusive 30-degree edges offer a comfortable grip to open units without using handles. A design idea that emphasizes the linearity and harmony of this model.

All photos by Modiani.



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