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Outdoors seating for commercial spaces

It sounds pretty obvious right? Shouldn't every public or commercial space be designed with people in mind? Well some times they do fall short in our expectations, they are not 'user friendly', the space is not used to its fullest potential, the furniture is wrong or its placed in the wrong location. Today's post is all about furniture that can enhance commercial spaces and user experience.

Let me know if you have any favourites or if you want to link to your company products, please leave a coment below!

Benches with integrated planters

Beautiful large size planters can be used strategically outside large buildings or on pedestrianised areas. Combine them with a bench and you save space and money.

Manufacturer: NECK

Type: Curved galvanized steel Bench with Integrated Planter

Materials: Galvanized Steel, Powder Coated Steel

This planter has 3 drain pipes, made in steel, while under the planter there's a base for the correct leveling. The seat is made with 16 exotic wood elements. It can be powder-coated with AkzoNobel RAL colours at choice. The wood used is either Iroko or Okume, treated with natural, water-repellent, UV ray resistant oils to ensure it will last longer outside.

ROMEO & JULIET by Extremis

Type: Garden bench

Materials: Wood

Designers: GRAUX & BAEYENS architecten, Stijn Goethals

Romeo & Juliet is no ordinary bench. It not only offers passers-by a comfortable place to sit and relax, but it also adds a touch of green to the environment. The bench is made of long square strips of wood. Two round holes in the seat create room for large flowerpots containing a small tree. The bench seems to literally float between the pots.

The Romeo & Juliet benches are perfectly suitable for both private gardens and public spaces. They add a natural touch to areas with little or no greenery. They can also easily be integrated in larger projects. If several benches are put in line, the distance between the trees is identical, creating architectural harmony.

garden bench with planter and a couple seating on it

garden bench with planter and a couple seating on it


Type: Garden bench with planter


Cubo is a modular steel Bench with Integrated Planter. As it is modular it can be adjusted to your desired length and it is available in two planter sizes, a square and a tall rectangular one. It can make for a great 'barrier' between spaces as shown below.

designer garden bench with integrated planter

designer garden bench with integrated planter


Type: Sectional EPS Bench covered with synthetic grass

Erbotto is an outdoors sectional sofa that can be customised to your specifications and comes covered in synthetic grass for some serious fun factor. Perfect for spaces were comfort is needed but also where you want the space to feel larger than it really is.


Type: Bench

Designer: Mario Botta

Pausa is a complete product collection with stool benches and benches with backrests, starting with 1-seaters up to 4-seaters designed by the architect Mario Botta from Switzerland.

In outdoor areas it can be used for furnishing pedestrian zones, schools, sport facilities, commercial and industrial facilities, train stations, waiting rooms or roadhouses etc. It is also perfect for furnishing indoor areas. For example, just consider hospitals, commercial buildings, museums, swimming pools, other public buildings or airports – regardless where Pausa is used it provides a high quality solution with a strong personality. LOOK |

LOOK Flower pot by Varaschin

Type: outdoor seating and planters

Design by: Daniele Lo Scalzo Moscheri

LOOK is a series of containers for objects or used as planters. The structure is made from polypropylene and available in white, neutral, gray, black and orange tones. You can equip them with interior lighting. We love its simplicity and how it can help you light up your space too.

FUKSAS DOUBLE by LAB23 is a fun outdoors double chair made of hyperconcrete. We love the Pantone Greenery colour used here, eye catching for sure! Designed by Studio Fuksas.

FUKSAS DOUBLE by LAB23 is a fun outdoors double chair made of hyperconcrete


Type: Flower pot/outdoor chair

Materials: Polyethylene (PE)

Designers: Ross Lovegrove

Flower pot/outdoor chair

Flower pot/outdoor chair

Bd Barcelona design continues with its labour of improving the quality of urban spaces by developing new designs and new concepts. Just as, in its day, the concept of street furniture was defined, so now is born a new concept furniture for transit areas because cities too have evolved, and the dividing line between the space of public squares, airport terminals and shopping malls is ever more blurred.

Lovegrove has created a public seating that has all the character of a exuberantly lively sculpture, with forms designed to engage the emotions. And its very generous dimensions allow to seat up to ten people at once, as well as making it the children have a whale of a time.

The bench is made from rotation-moulded polyethylene, a 100% waterproof material that is dyed during the manufacturing process giving a suggestive and infinite spectrum of attractive colours (to the client’s own specifications, subject to the quantity of units ordered).

Like all the other pieces in the program, the Planter is available in a wide range of colours including a spectacular fluorescent red (only for interiors). Special colours can be ordered. As well as a seating area, the Planter has capacity for a generous quantity of earth providing many gardening options.



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