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Simple Updates to Bring Spring Into Your Home

Spring is the perfect season for re-addressing your home; it is, after all, a season of renewal, with new flowers coming into bloom and a renewed sense of brightness after the relative gloom of the winter. Shaking off those hibernation-adjacent cobwebs can take a few forms, but few better than a complete reset of your home’s vibe and feel.

Spring-cleaning is a great start for refreshing your home with spring in mind, but there are further steps you can take to fully invite spring back in. What are they, and what can you do to bring the excitement of a new season in to your home?

Simple Updates to Bring Spring Into Your Home

Living Room

Your living spaces should be the primary focus of your spring home update plans, being central and communal spaces in your house – and the spaces where you spent the majority of your waking hours at home.

Living rooms can feel very bedded-in after the winter months, and even slight décor shifts can have major positive impacts with this in mind.

Start with the textiles on display in your space. Replacing a rug with a brighter alternative can have transformative results for the brightness of your living room, as can refreshing your curtains.

Freshness is very much the key word here, so don’t be afraid to bring some vibrant life into your space with bright flower pots and planters. Mirrors are also highly useful for bouncing more sunlight around your room, bringing the brightness levels up accordingly.

Simple Updates to Bring Spring Into Your Home


The bedroom is another important area to focus on in your spring update, as it’s vital for putting you in the right headspace each day.

As the winter weather recedes and the brighter mornings come in, you want your bedroom to be a calm but bright space. New build homes are often bright, but with smaller bedrooms – a trade-off for including an en-suite or a separate walk-in wardrobe.

As such, mirrors can again be great for expanding the sense of space – and for bringing spring inside.

You might also re-paint your bedroom with a warmer colour scheme in mind. Verdant, smoky sage can increase the temperature of the room while hinting at new growth, while bright pastel oranges can inject sunny wakefulness into the space.

Artistic Flourishes

Last but by no means least, refreshing the art and personal items you display around your home can be profoundly positive for the sense of lightness in your living spaces. New artwork can feel like a new beginning, as can retiring older trinkets in favour of fresh flowers or new objects d’art.

In Conclusion

Spring is a clearly-defined season, the themes of which we have incorporated into many other walks of life housekeeping included. By taking the changes of spring to heart in refreshing your home, you can bring brightness and air back into your life.

Image credit: Matthew Giles Architects

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