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Spa Pools vs. Hot Tubs: Which Should You Buy? 

When considering the addition of a luxurious water feature to your home, the choice often comes down to spa pools and hot tubs. Both offer a serene escape, therapeutic benefits, and a focal point for social gatherings but cater to different preferences and lifestyles.

Understanding the nuances between the two can help prospective buyers make informed decisions that align with their needs, space, and budget. 

This article delves into the nature of spa pools and hot tubs and which one you should buy.  

Spa Pools vs. Hot Tubs

Understanding Spa Pools 

Spa pools, merging the leisure of hot tubs with the functionality of swimming pools, stand out for their versatility. These innovative installations, also known as swim spas, stand out because of their substantial size, which surpasses that of conventional hot tubs, and their inclusion of robust jets.

The jets are engineered to produce a steady current, enabling users to swim in place which offers a dynamic form of exercise. This feature, alongside the relaxing effects of hydrotherapy, positions spa pools as a dual-purpose solution.

Spa pools cater to individuals aiming to enhance their physical wellness by swimming while indulging in the therapeutic comforts of warm, jetted waters. This blend of fitness and relaxation attributes renders spa pools a compelling option for those prioritizing health and luxury in their home amenities. 

The Allure Of Hot Tubs 

Hot tubs epitomize the quintessence of leisure and conviviality, crafted to foster relaxation and facilitate social interactions. Their relatively modest dimensions render them an ideal fit for more constrained environments, where space is at a premium.

Central to the hot tub experience are the therapeutic jets, meticulously engineered to deliver targeted streams of water that massage the body, effectively alleviating muscle strain and fostering relaxation.  

Hot tubs offer, coupled with ergonomically designed seating that cradles the body in comfort and the soothing warmth of the water, a sanctuary where one can unwind and rejuvenate. This combination of therapeutic benefits and a welcoming atmosphere makes hot tubs a favored choice for those looking to create a tranquil retreat within their home. 

Key Considerations When Choosing Between Spa Pools And Hot Tubs 

Several factors come into play when deciding between spa pools and hot tubs. Here are some of the most critical considerations: 

Space And Location 

Choosing between a spa pool and a hot tub requires careful consideration of your available space and your property’s specific layout.

Spa pools, with their expansive size, cater to various activities, from leisurely swims to aquatic exercises, making them a perfect addition to a large outdoor space. Their size and versatility are ideal for those who have ample backyard space and desire a multifunctional water feature that can serve as both a relaxation spot and an exercise area.  

On the flip side, hot tubs are designed to maximize comfort and relaxation in a more compact package. Their smaller footprint allows them to seamlessly integrate into various settings, from cozy indoor corners to modest patios, making them suitable for urban dwellings or homes with limited outdoor space.  

Health And Fitness Goals 

Choosing between a spa pool and a hot tub can significantly impact your wellness journey when you are pursuing health and fitness goals. Spa pools stand out for their fitness-friendly features, offering the perfect environment for engaging in low-impact aquatic exercises.

The resistance provided by the water currents in a spa pool allows for a comprehensive, gentle cardiovascular workout on the joints, making it an excellent option for those seeking a therapeutic yet effective exercise routine.  

Conversely, hot tubs are tailored more towards relaxation and hydrotherapy, focusing on the healing aspects of warm water immersion and targeted jet massages. The soothing heat and pressure from the jets in a hot tub can help alleviate muscle tension, reduce stress, and improve blood circulation, offering a serene escape that promotes physical and mental well-being.  

Budget And Maintenance 

Budget considerations can’t be overlooked. Generally, spa pools are more expensive than hot tubs due to their size and the additional features they offer. Moreover, the ongoing cleaning and maintenance costs for spa pools can be higher, given their larger volume of water and more complex filtration systems. 

Hot tubs, while still an investment, are typically more affordable upfront and have lower maintenance costs. They’re also easier to install, often requiring less structural support than spa pools. 

Social And Family Use 

Think about how you plan to use your water feature. Spa pools, with their larger size, are better suited for family use or entertaining guests. They provide ample space for multiple people to enjoy the water simultaneously.

Hot tubs, with their cozy and intimate setting, are ideal for smaller gatherings or couples. The seating arrangements in hot tubs are designed to facilitate conversation, making them perfect for socializing in a relaxed environment. 



Choosing between spa pools and hot tubs ultimately depends on personal preference, lifestyle, and specific needs. Before deciding, it’s best to remember the information mentioned above to choose the right water feature that will enhance your quality of life.

Regardless of your choice, spa pools and hot tubs can provide a valuable and enjoyable addition to your home, offering countless hours of relaxation and enjoyment.


Jenny Kakoudakis

Jenny Kakoudakis likes to blog about interiors. She launched the award-winning Seasons in Colour in 2014. When she is not chasing criminals out of the financial system (her day job), she gets creative by redecorating her own home.

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