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The organised bathroom - 3 storage hacks you need

Bathrooms tend to be quite sterile spaces sometimes, lacking personality and sometimes feeling cluttered and disorganized. Here are some ideas to get your family or ensuite bathroom organised, and looking seriously good with spa vibes.


1. Choose what to show

  • Display the things you love and need on nice trays and dishes: By placing these on trays, your vanity will instantly look less cluttered and you can move these around much easier.

  • Hide necessities in baskets: No one wants to see your packs of loo roll so why not keep it packed away in a basket? The same applies for cleansing wool and products. If they don't look great, group them into boxes.

2. Soften the space with towels and textiles

  • If you have a towel rack, use it to display beautiful towels in co-ordinating colours.

  • Add a bathroom rug or bath mat to add something luxurious (plus no one likes walking on a cold floor with wet feet!)

  • If you have space, roll up a few small guest towels and have them ready to use, you can place these in a small basket or tray.

3. Invest in your essentials and add details

  • Make sure your laundry basket looks great and it's a good size.

  • Good quality towels are a long term investment. They get so much use!

  • Add a wooden bath rack to get that spa vibe!

  • Have candles and bath salts nearby for a luxurious bath time experience.

  • Consider a small bud vase that you can fill with one or two fresh buds.


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