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The Pros and Cons of Quartz Worktops for your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most versatile rooms in your home and can be used for so much more than just preparing food, which is why it is so important to choose the right worktop. If you’re looking for a countertop that is attractive, durable and easy to maintain, quartz may be on your mind. In this article, we discuss the good, the bad and the ugly about quartz worktops to help you decide whether it is the best option for you and your new kitchen.

The Pros of Having Quartz Worktops

If you’re unsure about whether you want to buy quartz, or maybe you need an extra nudge, take a look at our list of reasons why quartz would be a good fit for your kitchen.

1. Quartz Worktops Are Durable

Quartz stone is as durable as granite and concrete, but brings the added benefit of not chipping or cracking very easily! This is key if you have a busy kitchen. If an accident were to happen, the consistent appearance would allow you to fix the issue without the need to replace the countertops completely.

2. Quartz Worktops are Low Maintenance

Quartz worktops are relatively low maintenance when compared to other worktop materials. Quartz is known for its non-porous surface, meaning that it will be very hard to stain, even with notorious substances such as wine or coffee. Of course, you still are advised to wipe away quickly any food or liquid that falls on the surface.

3. The Aesthetic Of Quartz

Appearance plays a huge role in your kitchen design, and it is important to find a worktop material that suits your personal taste as well as your kitchen layout. Quartz is available in a range of colours and designs, so finding a suitable option whether you have a traditional or modern kitchen should be a straight-forward task!

4. Quartz Worktops Are Affordable

Getting a new kitchen can be quite a costly process, which is why it is vital to take your budget limitations into account at all stages. And if you have recently undertaken a kitchen project then you know that worktop costs can quickly spiral, especially if your design includes an island.

Quartz isn't the cheapest kitchen worktop material on the market, however it is still cheaper than a lot of stone materials like Carrara marble. When you consider the affordable long term care, it is one of the best options - and your bank account will agree!

The Cons of Having Quartz Worktops

Now that we have discussed the advantages of quartz, lets look at the disadvantages. It is important to consider all of the factors, good and bad, before deciding to purchase.

5. Appearance of Quartz

Although quartz can be customised into almost any design, it is almost impossible to mimic the real thing. If you are after a more natural stone, you may be better with marble or granite worktops.

6. Cost of Quartz Worktops

While quartz can be more affordable than marble, it still is not the most budget-friendly worktop material to choose. Prices ranging from £500 up to £1000 per linear meter depending on a number of factors such as the colour, quality and design (as well as the cut outs you add while fabricating).

7. Difficult Installation of Quartz

Installing quartz requires skilled professionals to measure, level and secure the slabs to the cabinets. It is extremely heavy and requires a structurally secure and strong enough foundation to handle the weight.

8. Quartz is for Indoor Use Only

Unfortunately, quartz countertops can become discoloured with high exposure to direct sunlight, meaning it isn't the best option if you are looking to have an outdoor kitchen.

Granite is a better option for an outdoor kitchen, as it can withstand elements much better than the other materials. It is rough, matted and also heat resistant.


This engineered stone performs better compared to laminate surfaces or natural stone and comes in a variety of colours and hues that allows it to work with any design of kitchen. It is also easy to maintain and all you need is a damp cloth to clean it.

Melrosa Marble and Granite are dedicated perfectionists with 50 years experience that goes back three generations, offering kitchen worktop and staircases of the finest craftsmanship throughout the UK, and providing both bespoke designs and unique experiences for every customer. They offer a range of materials, from Marble and Granite to quartz and stoneware staircases. Whether you opt for quartz or decide against it, Melrosa are here to help you along the way.



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