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Trans-Seasonal Wardrobe: Top Brands to Utilise 

Dressing yourself for the day shouldn’t be stressful. But how many times have you rugged up on a supposedly chilly day - only to sweat jumper stains through a surprise heat wave? Spent good money on a separate winter wardrobe? Or stuffed your closet with things that only see the light of day once a year? 

It’s only natural that as the seasons change, so will our wardrobe. But by embracing the concept of trans-seasonal fashion we can make the process of dressing easier for ourselves. Curating our pieces into a year-round rotation is also great for minimizing our environmental footprint. 

To help you master the art of trans-seasonal clothing, we've rounded up some top brands leading the way in this fashion revolution. These brands are redefining the modern-day approach to stylish dressing, regardless of the occasion or season. 

What is a Trans-Seasonal Wardrobe?

A trans-seasonal wardrobe refers to fashion pieces that you can easily mix and match all year round. Versatility is the name of the game.

From summer to winter, the office to after-work drinks, trans-seasonal clothes can streamline your fashion game. It pairs very well with minimalist fashion but whatever your sartorial preferences, you can take the main elements of trans-seasonality and apply it to your style. 

There are a few key secrets to trans-seasonal fashion success. Things like layering and materials - you want items that can easily adapt to changing weather conditions. Choosing durable, high-quality fabrics will also help see your wardrobe last from year to year.  

Top Brands to Kickstart Your Trans-Seasonal Wardrobe


Trans-seasonality is a concept baked into the Copenhagen label NN07, or No Nationality.

Founded in 2007 by friends passionate about long-lasting fashion, NN07’s modern menswear is made of timeless simplicity and quality materials. It’s where casual meets crisp tailoring. It’s where clothes will look as good on you today as they do tomorrow. They truly aren’t looking to nail short-lived trends - they are looking to design stylish investment pieces that will last a lifetime. 

If you’re building a minimalist, versatile wardrobe then Maplestore has a range of NN07 clothing for you to check out. Their soft jersey tees and wool knit jumpers, inspired by Scandinavian sensibilities, can easily take you through warm autumn mornings to chilly spring nights. 

Trans-Seasonal Wardrobe

NN07 cardigan, new for 2023

Norse Projects 

Since 2004, Copenhagen label Norse Projects has been making their mark on the streetwear scene.

Drawing inspiration from their Scandinavian roots, the brand offers a contemporary line of men’s and women’s wear that puts a sleek European spin on urban fashion. Norse Projects blends elements of streetwear, high-end fashion, and classic military styles to create an extensive range of wardrobe staples. 

Their line of jackets, graphic tees, camo trousers and more will make excellent additions to your trans-seasonal rotation. The clean lines and high-quality fabrics are weather-ready for any occasion, whether you’re braving a new trail or the four seasons of a Melbourne city day.

Trans-Seasonal Wardrobe

Norse Projects - poplin coat


Nothing says all-rounder quite like a good denim, and Neuw does it like no other.

Created by three friends from Stockholm and Melbourne mad about denim, their brand mission is simple: Respecting heritage. Neuw expertly combines Nordic design with an easygoing Melbourne flair throughout their collection. 

Neuw’s love of quality vintage and their traditional approach to garment construction takes the best of the past and carries you well into the future.

The team believes that clothes are meant to get better with every wear so you can rest easy knowing that their jeans will have you looking fresh through any season. 


The brainchild of multidisciplinary design studio Folk, this label hones their expertise to thread progressive quality across all their pieces.

Founded by Cathal McAteer, restless creative and tireless wanderer, the UK brand deftly toes the line between clean, architectural lines and urban style. Their dedication to easy-to-wear, well-made casual clothing offers a fresh twist on modern British fashion. 

From the pocket lining to even crushed coconut shell buttons, every texture and trim is made with intention. This fastidious approach to quality and detail means that no matter the occasion, Folk can add an effortlessly stylish touch to your seasonal rotation. 

Trans-Seasonal Wardrobe

FOLK Winter 2024

Monokel Eyewear

You’ve curated your wardrobe and created a selection that you can rely on all year round. Now what? This is where your accessories come in and seriously take your closet to the next level. 

Swedish brand Monokel Eyewear offers a unisex selection of stylish sunglasses that you can wear no matter the season. In a process that takes over three months, each and every frame is lovingly handcrafted in great detail. Their dedication doesn’t stop there either. Carefully selected materials such as premium biodegradable plant-based acetate or recycled acetate show their commitment to quality and minimising their environmental footprint. 

Creativity, simplicity, and function - Monokel Eyewear’s philosophy shines through the intense summer sun or dim rays of winter. 

Trans-Seasonal Wardrobe

What Do You Need to Create a Trans-Seasonal Wardrobe?

Fashion expert and Queer Eye cohost Tan France is a huge fan of curating a selection of adaptable, everyday wardrobe pieces.

“No matter what the occasion,” he says it’s important that everyone has, “something in their closets that they can go to.” 

France recommends devoting your attention to items like button-ups, knitwear, and denim.

You can choose a neutral colour palette to make mixing and matching clothes easier. Blacks, browns, greys, and whites are a good starting point. For a different take on neutrals, you could try incorporating greens and blues.

One or two key outerwear items that suit your lifestyle will also pay dividends. A quality coat, for instance, can instantly elevate a pair of jeans and a T-shirt in the spring. Come wintertime, it can perfectly match a knit turtleneck and chinos for your office days. 

Accessories are the fashion piece de resistance - it’s the easiest way to make an everyday outfit shine. Invest in timeless pieces like watches, jewellery, and belts. By doing so, your wardrobe will look polished in whatever environment you’re in. 

The trans-seasonal wardrobe - Conclusion

Perfecting the art of trans-seasonal fashion doesn’t happen overnight. But like its underlying philosophy, quality is something that is achieved with time.

Evaluate your wardrobe piece by piece, consider them in relation to each other, and also what suits your overall lifestyle. This is a great starting point on your lifelong style journey. The gaps you discover in your closet will then lead you to investment pieces that will function for you all year round. 

We’ve covered just a few of the leading brands that do great trans-seasonal collections, but don’t stop there! This is just the first step to elevate your style in a more sustainable and conscious fashion. 


Trans-Seasonal Wardrobe

Jenny Kakoudakis likes to blog about interiors. She launched award-winning Seasons in Colour in 2014. When she is not chasing criminals out of the financial system (her day job), she gets creative by redecorating her own home.

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