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We have cushion fever and want to pass it on!

pink and orange cushion by BIVAIN in silk twill in a blue background and on a tulip chair

Like many of you interiors lovers, I seem to love cushions as much as Carrie Bradshaw loved her shoes in SATC. You will often find me looking lovingly in the pages of Living Etc trying to figure out whose cushions each designer sofa holds. Why this obsession? Simply put, cushions are the easiest way to update the look in your living room and bedroom, and can turn a plain armchair into total eye candy.

I could be making this up but honestly I am not. Interiors giant John Lewis alone sells 375 (yes, you read that right) different cushions. And there's no sofa in the world that is currently being advertised without at least a pair of fluffy squares on it.

Whether you try to match the colour scheme of your room or completely contrast it (big thumbs up if you are brave enough for this!), I have a new cushion brand to share with you along with some styling tips. Ready?

Say hello to your new love, contemporary home decor and accessories brand, BIVAIN (sounds like be-vain!). Founded in 2016 by Central Saint Martins-trained designers Megha Lohia and Rachel Fong, BIVAIN will fill your home with objects of desire. The designers previously worked for brands including Agent Provocateur and Zac Posen which explains their eye for detail, love for luxury and the products' sex appeal!

Silk twill blue and pink orange cushions by Bivain on a traditional settee against a grey Farrow and Ball Moles Breath wall with oil paintings and a blue footstool

Silk twill blue and pink orange cushions by Bivain on a white Tulip chair against a blue wallpaper background

Photo: Jenny Kakoudakis for Seasons in Colour

Why the brand should be on your radar!

BIVAIN draws inspiration from the sensory experiences of international wanderlust. Encompassing silk cushions, throws, scarves, pocket squares and more, the collections are exclusively produced by highly-skilled craftsmen using the finest materials.

We are all about colour around here at Seasons in Colour, and these pillows do not disappoint. Nailing two trends - contrasting colours and piping - look out for their pink pistachio velvet cushion (pistachio piping and green tassels, below), the Crubs one with purple contrasting lime green and my personal favourite, the silk twill Lobster with green lobsters set against hot pink - genius!

How to use contrasting patterns on a sofa with cushions like yellow sofa with blue cushions or green sofa with pink

This is the Sofa Workshop EDEN sofa, shown in yellow and forest green.

And the good thing? While they are not cheap (because quality materials and craftsmen do cost, you know!) they are affordable enough to buy a pair or more (and you can then see your collection grow from there). Talking about collections, the Collector theme is really big this year, and this is as good a collection as any that you could start!

Blue cushion by BIVAIN in silk twill in a blue background and on a Sloane and Sons tub chair in orange colour

Above: The Pushkar cushion features a lively troupe of Indian folk dancers in front of an outlined landscape of minarets. Blue and red graphic patterns form the backdrop to the dancers, and a white frame finishes the design. What I mostly love about this design? The tassels in the corners! This is a Sloane and Sons angel chair (£199) Photo: Jenny Kakoudakis for Seasons in Colour

Who are these products for?

Who loves cushions? Everyone! With their saturated colours, these products are for the colour hungry, adventurous home decorators (that's you and me!) who want to add some oomph to their precious abodes.

Use them next to plain cushions to add a touch of luxury or to make the colour of your sofa pop with a bit of contrast! Have a green velvet sofa (hurray, mine's on the way!!)? Pair it with hot pinks! Is it blue? Throw on one that's yellow!

If you are not big on contrast, their collection is big enough for you to find a pair of cushions in complimentary colours to your decor.

Photos: Jenny Kakoudakis for Seasons in Colour

How can we mix their patterns with existing cushions already at home?

If you can outsource it, do it, I say, so instead of making a video myself, I am going to let the real experts talk about mixing patterns! Interior stylist Sophie Robinson whom we've all grown to love from the Great Interior Design Challenge is a self confessed cushion hugger. Sophie would never stop to having only 2 cushions on the sofa, and as you can see on this little video, she's an expert on mixing patterns.

That's all great, but my home style is more boho than luxe.

Don't fret, because the BIVAIN designers have also launched a Bedouin cushions collection, which might not be silk, it is however created with attention to detail and includes colours, piping and beads. Made out of berber style hemp, it is great for outdoors use (when it doesn't rain, I didn't say waterproof!).

Are you currently looking for the next FAB piece to put on your brand new (or not so new) sofa? Have a look at BIVAIN and make sure you follow them on Instagram and Twitter. Ready for some shopping? Get the look below!



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